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    Research and development

    The Tampere region has succeeded in creating an interactive environment where different experts work together with companies to create smart solutions. Our research collaboration and business co-operation ensure that these solutions can be exported around the world with pride.

    The research and development expenditure of Finnish companies, universities and public sector totaled in 2013 more than EUR 6.6 billion. After Israel, it is the highest amount spent by an OECD country in relation to GDP. In the Tampere region research and development expenditure is an exceptionally high, 7% of GDP.

    Learn more of the research and development organisations and communities in the Tampere Region from this page.

    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

    VTT is multi-technological applied research organisation with global networks providing high-end technology solutions and innovation services. VTT is a part of the Finnish innovation system under the domain of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT is a not-for-profit organisation.

    From its wide knowledge base, VTT combines different technologies, creates new innovations and a substantial range of world class technologies and applied research services thus improving its clients' competitiveness and competence. Through its international scientific and technology network, VTT produces information, upgrades technology knowledge and creates business intelligence.

    Research activities at VTT encompass forecasting future technological and market development trends, creating novel know-how, providing customers with new development impulses, developing technologies and concepts, applying technologies, and enhancing technology transfer and utilization.

    Collaboration with the world´s most prominent research partners and an active involvement in international research and innovation activities are an essential component of VTT´s research and development work. Research and development networking guarantees VTT’s persistent position in the vanguard of international research in selected focus areas.


    Tampere university community

    Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences constitute the Tampere university community (TUNI). The new community was created at the beginning of 2019, when the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merged establishing the new foundation-based Tampere University that maintains close ties with Tampere University of Applied Sciences. All students, staff and alumni are members of the community.

    Research at the Tampere University

    At Tampere University, multidisciplinary research is conducted across the boundaries of fields of science. More specifically, our strength lies in research in the fields of health, technology and society. The topics our Centres of Excellence (CoEs) study range from body-on-chip research to game cultures.

    Over 100 active research groups and centres operate at Tampere University. At any given time, there are over 200 ongoing research projects and consortia.

    The missions of our research include fostering a just and participatory society, promoting the health and welfare of people at all ages, developing safe living and working environments that are resource efficient, and ensuring socially responsible digitalisation and transformation of work.


    Research, development and innovation at TAMK

    In Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)'s research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities, the professional expertise of TAMK's staff and students' fresh ideas are applied to partners' development needs.

    Development projects at TAMK are implemented in so-called living labs. A living lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers work collaboratively to produce innovative solutions.

    Most of TAMK's R&D&I projects are extensive development projects implemented together with other higher education institutions, companies, public sector organizations, and non-profit organizations. TAMK's strong expertise in the field of education is being applied in the development of products and services which include an educational component.


    Open innovation platforms

    Open innovation platforms are a key tool in the development of smart products, services and processes. They operate on the basis of open co-operation, which is implemented and facilitated between those operating in the public, private or third sectors in order to develop new products and services.

    There is a large number of innovative platforms in the Tampere region helping businesses to develop their concepts, processes, products and services. Some of them have been operating for a long time now while some are only just in the start-up phase.

    Learn more of the innovation environment and platforms in the Tampere Region

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