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    National security and defence industry

    A century of diverse national security and defence industry activities in the Tampere region

    The Tampere region has almost a century of history with the defence industry. For strategic and operational reasons, the largest companies in the field are located in the Tampere city region, along with significant Finnish Defence Forces and other public sector actors as well as research and education organisations in the field.

    The roots of Finnish heavy weapons industry are in the conglomerate Tampella, which started the manufacture of mortars in the 1930s. The state aircraft factory moved from Suomenlinna to Tampere during the recession of the 1930s. The state aircraft factory required its own engine factory, which was built in Linnavuori, Tampere in the 1940s. (Source: Patria 100)

    Safeguarding national security and creating growth

    The defence industry plays an important social role in terms of national security and military security of supply, as well as in terms of exports and employment. In 2020, the most important industrial players in the Finnish defence industry employed around 9,000 people and generated EUR 1.7 billion in turnover, of which 30–50% was accounted for by exports. (Source: Kriittisen osaamisen hallinta [“Critical Competence Management”])

    Top defence products and fleet maintenance services

    The Tampere region has diverse expertise in the defence industry and national security. The top products of the Finnish defence industry include command and control systems, vehicle systems, vessels and products related to defence and combat equipment. One important area of activity in the defence industry is the maintenance of the Defence Forces’ equipment. Millog, which operates in Tampere as part of the Patria Group, maintains Army and Navy equipment as well as Air Force surveillance systems in both normal and emergency conditions.

    business tampere puolustusvoimat lennosto mirella mellonmaa 9
    Satakunta Air Command, Pirkkala. Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

    Artificial intelligence and autonomous systems in key defence technologies

    The defence industry is affected by the increasing rate of technological change. Information technology solutions are integrated into all warfare operations and defence products. At the same time, the challenges in technology foresight are emphasised. Key technologies in the medium term must take into account the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, among other things. The Finnish HX fighter project and the related industrial participation programme will have a significant impact on the development of technology and know-how in the field of defence in the 2020s.

    Example of expertise in the region: Patria – preferred partner for critical operations on land, at sea and in the air

    100-year-old Patria offers the usability and continuous development of the equipment as well as the products and services of intelligence, surveillance and management systems for aviation, security and defence operators. Patria’s mission is to be a guarantee of operational reliability for its international and domestic customers.

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