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    Tampere University Hospital

    As a university hospital, Tays educates future healthcare professionals.

    Tays is a visionary healthcare provider. In addition to excellent care, the focus is on research, development and innovation. As a university hospital it educates future healthcare professionals.

    Tampere University Hospital Tays provides demanding specialized care services to nearly one million Finns. The services include virtually all medical specialities from emergency care to rehabilitation. the University Hospital provides services to hospital districts within its special responsibility area, which include the hospital districts of Kanta-Häme and Southern Ostrobothnia.

    The hospital of training and research

    In addition to excellent care, Tampere University Hospital provides training and research. The hospital functions as a teaching hospital in close collaboration with the School of Medicine at the University of Tampere and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. More than 3,000 health-care and medical professions students are trained in Tays hospitals every year. It also organises and produces a variety of supplementary training for social and health care.

    Currently, Tays has ongoing scientific research in several fields of medicine.

    • In year 2019, there started 151 new research projects in Tays.
    • Each year Tays researchers publish over 1000 academic articles and number of doctoral degrees is 60.
    • The research funding is 8 million euros per year, 2 millions of which is Tays’s own funds.

    The most cost-effective university hospital in Finland 

    The yearly budget of Tampere University Hospital Tays was 907,6 million euros in 2018. Tays has a staff of 9359 professionals and in 2018 there were over 207 000 patients treated in Tays.

    Tays is a paperless hospital and digitalisation is one of our main goals. An active biobank is gathering new consents and new biological samples at the monthly rate of 1500 (concents) and 1000 (samples).

    Top fields of research

    • Cancer research: breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, gastro-intestinal cancer, children’s cancer
    • Celiac Disease research
    • Research of diabetes in children
    •  Vaccination research

    Tampere healthcare and life science hub Tampere University Tarmo Martikainen by Mirella Mellonmaa

    Tarmo Martikainen, Director of Hospital District:

    – Tampere University Hospital Tays and its focus hospitals Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement and Heart Hospital create a unique and dynamic combination in Finnish healthcare. Our environment offers excellent opportunities for cooperation in research and in product and service development.

    Tampere healthcare and life science hub Tampere University Annika Auranen by Mirella Mellonmaa.jpg

    Annika Auranen, Tays Cancer Centre Chief Physician:

    – Diagnostics and treatment options in cancer are rapidly developing. Tays Cancer Centre, where clinicians from the University Hospital and scientists at the Tampere University work together to combat cancer, is an ideal environment for new innovations and scientific discoveries.

    Tampere healthcare and life science hub Tampere University Tarja Laitinen by Mirella Mellonmaa

    Tarja Laitinen, Research Director:

    – For us it is essential that all our treatments are of high quality and evidence based, and that these treatments create value for the patient, but also guide us to use our resources wisely and transparently. For those reasons, we are in the process of building a unique ecosystem with academia and companies, which helps us to perform at the same time high quality research and further develop our patient care.

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    Photos: Mirella Mellonmaa

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