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    The Tampere city region aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of water production and distribution and of the sewerage and treatment of wastewater by improving the quality of products and services, cost-effectiveness, material and energy efficiency and by reducing the amount of waste generated. In procurements and new projects, emphasis is placed not only on high quality, but also on environmental aspects.

    New wastewater treatment plants are being built in the Tampere city region: a central wastewater treatment plant in Sulkavuori and Nokian Vesi Oy’s wastewater treatment plant in the ECO3 area in Koukkujärvi. A new water intake plant has been renovated and started in Kaupinoja in Tampere, and the local cooling network is expanding in the Tampere city centre area. Local cooling is an environmentally friendly solution, where the cooling comes directly from the depths of Lake Näsijärvi. Tampereen Sähkölaitos is the largest supplier of cooling produced with lake water in Finland and Europe.

    New wastewater treatment plants are being built in Sulkavuori (Tampere) and Koukkujärvi (Nokia)

    The wastewater treatment plant in the bedrock in Sulkavuori, Tampere, will use the latest treatment technologies. The aim is to reduce the burden caused by wastewater on Lake Pyhäjärvi – and from there on the water systems further down – even though the amount of wastewater being treated is increasing. The implementation of the new central treatment plant is a joint project of several municipalities. The shareholders of Tampereen Seudun Keskuspuhdistamo Oy are Kangasala, Lempäälä, Pirkkala, Tampere, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi. The project is the largest single environmental investment in the wider Tampere Region, with a total budget of about EUR 300 million. The employment effect of the construction works is 3,250 man-years. Construction began in Sulkavuori this year, and the construction of the first sewage transmission lines starts next year. The treatment plant will start operating in 2024. (Source:

    Nokian Vesi Oy will build a new wastewater treatment plant in Koukkujärvi, Nokia, which will deal with the wastewater that currently goes to Kullaanvuori and Siuro treatment plants. The planned treatment plant will be sized according to a population equivalent of 40,000. The plant will be a central part of the ECO3 area for bio- and circular economy. The planning will take into account, for example, nutrient recovery, new technologies and the expansion potential of the treatment plant. Next to it will rise Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy’s biowaste plant, which will treat the biowaste of 17 municipalities and the sludge generated by the Nokia wastewater treatment plant. (Source:

    Innovative water sector actors in the Tampere city region include:


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