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    Noiseless Imaging

    Karén Egiazarian, the CEO of Noiseless Imaging Ltd.

    Noiseless Imaging is a Tampere University of Technology spin-off and proud to introduce world's best solutions in image and video denoising.

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    What does the company do?

    – Noiseless Imaging specializes in noise-removal, restoration and enhancement technologies. We provide the world’s best solutions in our area of expertise; algorithms, software and consultancy services.

    – Noise removal is becoming an ever more important problem in any imaging and sensing device, because of trends towards sensors with smaller pixel-size and growing demand for higher image quality. The presence of noise impacts on the quality of any image and video content, as it compromises the various processing stages from acquisition to delivery and display.

    – The final quality or performance of an imaging or video system significantly depends on how well noise is removed as well as on how well fine details, edges and meaningful features in images or videos are preserved.

    Why Tampere?

    – Our company is a Tampere University of Technology (TUT) spin-off. Personally, I have always considered myself an academic researcher, but as there were more and more requests by various companies for our technologies and knowhow that no-one else has, Noiseless Imaging Ltd was established in 2011.

    What is particularly strong or unique in Tampere?

    – Leading-edge university research – Noiseless Imaging technology is based on over two decades of research and is recognized as being world-class. We have a strong team, most of the staff members of the company are professors at TUT.

    Examples of partners and clients in the business ecosystem of Tampere?

    – I can mention Huawei and Helmee Imaging, but there are a lot of interesting companies in the Tampere Region that use imaging solutions for various purposes and goals.

    What is your fondest memory in your career?

    – There are plenty of those in my academic career (see Karén Egiazarian Professor profile) but establishing Noiseless Imaging Ltd in 2011 was equally memorable. In Noiseless Imaging my role is administrative, finding more projects and people to make the world's best solutions in image and video denoising.

    How do you see the future?

    – Something big in the field of imaging is going to happen in the Tampere Region. Something involving the companies, universities and the whole ecosystem…

    – More generally, there is digitalization everywhere, smart cameras, autonomous systems and self-driving vehicles… anything we’ve seen in the science-fiction movies will be real in the near future. What I’d like to see is a nice balance of AI and human intelligence, so that AI solutions are used as tools and human intelligence will not be forgotten.

    Author: Päivi Stenroos


    Karén Egiazarian

    Karén Egiazarian, the CEO of Noiseless Imaging Ltd.

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