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    Cookie policy

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    You can link to the Business Tampere website,, and use the information offered by the website as long as you cite the source. Do not use the Business Tampere logo without permission. Tampere Region Economic Development Agency is not responsible for the content and legality of the websites to which Business Tampere links to.

    Our websites (,, use cookies to improve the user experience.

    Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored on the user’s hard disk. A cookie contains a randomly generated identifier that enables us to identify your computer and collect information about the pages and functions you use on your browser. Almost all websites use cookies, and websites may not function properly without cookies.

    You can read the cookie policy of the Business Tampere Link (in Finnish) here.

    We do not collect personal data about the users of the Business Tampere website. Cookies are only used to monitor and analyze the user traffic on the website.

    Google Analytics collects data on how the Business Tampere website is used. The compiled usage statistics include the number of page requests and visitors, average number of pages loaded, average time spent on the website and the most popular pages.

    Leadfeeder collects behavioral data of all website visitors which includes; pages viewed, visitor source and time spent on the site. The visitor IP address is collected to detect the company and geographic location. Leadfeeder only shows company visits; all users visiting from residential IP addresses are automatically filtered out. All visit data is aggregated on the company level.

    We use the data to have an understanding of what the users of the Business Tampere website want and how to best provide them with the information and services they need. We do not collect or record your name or address, so such information cannot be used to identify you.

    You can block the use of cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings. Please note that if you block cookies, some services on our website may require you to accept cookies in order to function.

    All browsers allow you to delete cookies one at a time or all at once. The setting is usually in the browser’s advanced settings menu (possibly under “Options” or “Preferences”), but its exact location depends on the browser. You can find out more in the browser’s Help section.

    The following links may help you find the right setting. If you use several browsers, remember to remove the cookies from each one of them.


    Business Tampere (Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea) regularly publishes press releases, newsletters and event invitations about business and economic life, growth and internationalisation topics around the Tampere Region. You can receive them directly to your inbox by selecting the topics that interest you on the electronic subscription form. You can change your subscription or unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

    Subscribers to Business Tampere mailing lists are asked for their contact information and what kind of materials they want to receive. Giving contact information during the subscription is regarded as giving permission to save the contact information for the purpose of the mailing list.

    Attendees of Business Tampere events are asked for their contact information in order to distribute information related to the particular event. Attendees can also join Business Tampere’s event-invitation and/or newsletter mailing lists.

    When you participate in a contest, your information is only collected for the prize draw and delivery of prizes. The contact information of the contest participants is not collected in a register unless a participant wants to join a mailing list.

    It is possible to give anonymous feedback on the activities of Business Tampere if you do not want a response to your feedback. Contact information that is provided voluntarily when giving feedback is saved in the information system in order to improve our customer service, and the information is stored in the system for as long as necessary, up to two years.

    Business Tampere does not regularly disclose personal data outside the company. Exceptions can be made in cases where it is considered that a third party can offer special information or advantage to our customer companies. Under no circumstances is personal data disclosed for commercial purposes or to commercial parties. Data is not regularly transferred outside the EU or EEA unless it is necessary for the purpose of the handling of personal data or its technical implementation. In such cases, the requirements of personal data legislation are adhered to.

    You can learn more about the privacy policy of Business Tampere on our privacy statement.

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