Online webinar: Advisors to boost your business - Practical steps to get started - Business Tampere
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Published on 02.10.2019

30.10.2019 10:00 - 30.10.2019 11:00

Online webinar

Business Tampere

– Why use advisors?
– Practical steps for successfull use of advisors:
1) Define the role
2) Search wide
3) “Try before you buy”
4) Get skin in the game
– Short intro to Boardio (
– Q&A

Boardio ( connects startups with advisors. There are over 2 200 skilled individuals on Boardio looking to work with companies as advisors, board members or mentors. Boardio is free to use with premium features available both for companies and advisors.

Based on Business Tampere and Boardio collaboration, Tampere region based businesses can have upgraded version of Boardio for free to use three months time. For further information, please contact:

REGISTRATION LINK (NOTE: Access is limited to 25 people)

Signup ends on: 30.10.2019 09:00

Language: English

Price: Free

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