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    Business development services

    Call for startups! Red Brick Accelerator applications are open!

    Business development services general yleinen

    Starting a business

    Yrityksen perustaminen ja yrittäjäksi ryhtyminen on iso askel, mutta onneksi yrittäjyyden alkuvaiheeseen on tarjolla niin neuvontaa, digitaalisia palveluita, rahoitusta kuin aloittavan yrittäjän yhteisöjäkin.

    Euro Scalers Demo Day

    Kasvu ja kansainvälistyminen Startup Startups yleinen Yrityskehityspalvelut

    Funding counselling help desk and funding clinics

    Business Tampere’s help desk for funding advice offers help in planning or applying for funding and provides advice on finding suitable financiers for each case. The service is targeted to growth companies operating in the Tampere region. Book your slot!

    SoC Hub offers a new competitive advantage for Finnish companies

    The first Finnish system-on-chip design ecosystem, SoC Hub launches in Tampere on Jan 27th, 2021. This initiative brings together companies that...
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