Labrathon 2020 - Business Tampere
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15.01.2020 10:00 - 15.01.2020 17:00


Hermiankatu 8, 33720, Tampere (Map)

ColloidTek, Eleforss/DA-Group, Mattester, Nomicam, OptoFidelity, Qentinel, Unikie, Wisematic and Business Tampere

Labrathon 2020 event opens the doors to eight companies and  their laboratory facilities from the fields of Imaging, SW, HW, testing and robotics. All of the companies are located in Hermia, Tampere and it’s easy to visit all of them during the same day. Choose the ones you are interested in and make your afternoon beneficial to your business!

The companies are:

There are seven (7) similar slots in each of the company/laboratory.
Demo + company presentation takes 30 minutes and 15 minutes is reserved for Q&A.
Companies you want to visit and prepare you schedule. Be quick, there’s room for 15 participants per each slot.

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Language: English

Price: Free

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