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    World firsts from Tampere

    Tampere region has been very inventive already when the first electric light bulb (1882) was lit in the Nordics. Many modern day inventions have seen the day light in Tampere.
    Many modern day inventions have seen day light in Tampere.

    From the first electric light bulb in the Nordics (1882) to Nokia OZO 360⁰ virtual reality camera (2015)

    Tampere is known as a city of knowledge full of bright and bold new ideas. Our rich innovation tradition, dynamic innovation platforms and unique spirit of cooperation and co-creation make the city attractive to both global and national companies and talents.

    Tampere Region is the innovation centre of Finland. The Region puts an exceptionally large amount of effort into research and development, approximately 7% of the regional GDP.

    In Tampere, the way of doing things is characterized by a practical attitude towards challenges.

    Innovations are realized through cooperation across science, industries and organizations. In our innovations in-depth scientific knowledge and knowhow of different fields are combined to make new products, methods, processes and services.

    Tampere is the forerunner in systematic development of creative industries, and the coordinator of nation-wide development in Finland. We value creative industries and culture, both as their own growing industry and as a builder of an inspiring innovation environment. Creative industries have become a significant part of our competitiveness and innovation activity.

    Open, Smart, Connected!

    The role of entrepreneurship is on the rise in the region's innovation activity. We have increasing numbers of startups and companies seeking growth. Particularly encouraging is the fact that universities and open innovation platforms create new type of entrepreneurship.

    The innovation environment of the Tampere Region is open, smart and connected.

    Photo on the cover: Bionavis by Opa Latvala

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