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    World-class lasers from Hervanta, Tampere

    Modulight's laser treatment system can be used in surgery, cancer treatment and antibacterial applications​​.​
    Modulight's laser treatment system can be used in surgery, cancer treatment and antibacterial applications​​.​

    It pays to have a laser engineer and a doctor to sit down together occasionally and discuss the ways to combine their expertise. Tampere-based Modulight has made the interdisciplinary approach into a major strength, which has launched it into the global market and is opening new possibilities in cancer treatment in particular.

    Modulight has combined laser technology with medical science, which has made possible the innovations that have enabled the company’s operations to continue and grow. In the company’s experience, it is near the edge of their comfort zone where the best and most profitable ideas are found.

    – We have a world-class laser, and others have IT and health-care expertise, for example. When they are combined, it opens amazing opportunities, says Modulight President & CEO Petteri Uusimaa.

    Modulight has already turned the opportunities into reality: devices, deals and a great reputation. In early 2015, the news broke that Modulight had launched an extremely versatile laser treatment system.

    – Generally, the practice has been to develop separate medical devices for every treatment, but this is designed as a general device that can be used in surgery, cancer treatment and antibacterial applications, among others,says Chairman of the Board of Modulight Seppo Orsila.

    The wide range of applications is made possible by the ability to select the exact wavelength required, and multiple output channels. According to Uusimaa, the laser system embodies the Modulight motto “On your wavelength”; it uses the exact wavelength required for each application. The system also has the necessary certifications for a wide range of applications.

    Modulight President & CEO Petteri Uusimaa, and ​​Chairman of the Board Seppo Orsila.​​​
    Modulight President & CEO Petteri Uusimaa, and ​​Chairman of the Board Seppo Orsila.​​​

    A good example of utilising wavelengths is cancer treatment, which is also Modulight’s strongest business area. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) utilises a drug that is activated in the tissue using a laser. The effect is targeted where it is needed, which decreases the side effects.

    – There are different kinds of light-activated drugs, and they require lasers with different wavelengths. Our laser system can meet every need on just one platform; it can be used with any drug, says Orsila.

    Modulight’s partners include international cancer centres, research teams and medical companies. The interdisciplinary approach has become a major strength for Modulight. When the customer’s problems are solved through advanced engineering, one can discover applications that are not churned out as bulk production in China or Taiwan.

    – The customer can focus on their own field, and we function as the laser engineer supporting the customer’s team. The work has been successful; we have reached the point where the leading experts consider the Modulight laser the default choice, says Uusimaa.

    – Our business is growing substantially, and it is really not possible to win a market share faster than we have done. Last year, for example, we won every bidding competition we participated in. That alone proves something about the product that our people have created, says Orsila.

    Modulight has its background in the competence cluster of the Tampere city region, and especially the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) of Tampere University of Technology, which was founded in 2000. Modulight is one of the ORC’s spin-off companies. They still work in close co-operation, with the aim of systematically building medical application expertise around laser technology.

    Today Modulight, Inc. is one of the leading OEM laser solutions providers globally. With 15 years and more than 1 million lasers manufactured –Modulight offers laser products and services from chip to complete turnkey laser solutions at wavelengths from visible to infrared. It serves a range of customers in the fields of life science, environmental, industry and defense and security.

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