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    What should we do today?

    ​ travel website of the Tampere Region has been designed to answer the question: "What should I do?"​
    ​ travel website of the Tampere Region has been designed to answer the question: "What should I do?"​

    The Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea has upped the ante in the region’s travel advertising. The company decided to forego the traditional travel brochure as the first among Finland’s larger cities and to focus advertising on the electronic channels. The company has published a completely renewed travel website that does not let down even the local residents.

    When you have some free time, what is the most common thing you think about? Probably: “What should I do?” The renewed travel website of the Tampere Region has been designed to answer that exact question. The website offers events, recommendations and inspiration – pearls of Tampere and the region surrounding it. All the verbal descriptions in Finnish, English and Russian are also depicted in images.

    Our starting point was not to just show walls, i.e. a list of destinations, but what goes on inside the walls. We want to highlight events and truly top products of our region as well as the hidden pearls that make Tampere and the Tampere Region unique and interesting, says Marketing Manager Karoliina Lehtonen of Tredea Oy.

    The purpose of the travel website is to attract increasingly more new residents to the Tampere Region and, on the other hand, to guide the locals to enjoy the region’s travel offering. Tampere has been repeatedly selected as the most desirable place to live in Finland and that position needs to be maintained.

     Tampere is Finland’s theatre capital and, for example, according to the statistics of Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto, our music offering is the widest of Finland per capita. Our youthful atmosphere attracts active residents. On the other hand, our strong position as a student city is also attracting companies because skilled workforce is readily available, says Lehtonen.

    On the renewed travel website, companies maintain their basic information themselves. The most intriguing and topical services provided by the companies make their way to the front page’s highlights and articles representing the region’s travel offering. The co-operation with Aamulehti’s Menoinfo enables that the website’s Event Calendar shows the interesting events that are open to all in three languages.

    The section targeted to professionals offers marketing tools for the travel businesses in the Tampere Region and statistics on the site’s visitor volumes in a handy format.

    Our and websites are visited by more than 300,000 annual visitors. We believe that this website renewal will bring us in a couple of years to half a million annual visitors, says Lehtonen.

    Renewal with an open take

    In connection with the website renewal, Tredea also launched work on a mobile travel application. The application that makes use of the open data on the Visit Tampere website provides compact destination tips and event proposals to a phone or tablet according to user preferences.

    We at Tredea support the creation of innovations and new businesses. For this reason, the Visit Tampere website was renewed so that the destination and event information is available for use and development via the open interfaces, for example, for application development purposes, continues Lehtonen.

    "The Flow of Life in Tampere" brochure​
    "The Flow of Life in Tampere" brochure​

    Although Tredea Oy is investing heavily on digital marketing, also printed material is being developed. The travel brochure of Tampere and the Tampere Region has been replaced with the “From locals with love” recommendation map that includes destinations that the locals are proud of and for good reason. The region has also received a new English-language "The Flow of Life in Tampere" image brochure. All the renewals have been planned together with the region’s top companies.

    ​“From locals with love” recommendation map​​
    ​“From locals with love” recommendation map​​

    The renewals implemented by Tredea are long-awaited and take the visibility of Tampere to the direction we hope for. We at Särkänniemi like very much both the perky look of the marketing materials and the direction the contents have been taken to, rejoices Marketing Director Tiia Välimäki of Särkänniemi Adventure Park.

    Additional information:
    Karoliina Lehtonen
    Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea
    Marketing Manager, Visit Tampere
    Tel. +358 50 572 0606

    *Visit Tampere is the tourist information service for the Tampere Region. It is powered by the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea.

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