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    Varaani Works and ALSO Finland start co-operation on final assembly and logistics of Varaani Cloud Hub

    “We are proud to announce partnership with ALSO Finland, the leading distributor and full range provider to ICT industry in Finland. With ALSO’s logistical solution we can maximize the availability of our products and tailor the physical products for each of the resellers even by the order. With this model we will serve our partners more flexible than our competitors and still be able to keep our pricing very competitive.” Says Kimmo Lahdensivu, the CEO of Varaani Works

    The partnership with ALSO is part of Varaani’s strong focus on international growth. “As a part of the multinational ALSO Group, represented in 13 European countries, ALSO Finland is good partner for us. ALSO’s strong experience on European ICT markets and presence in key European markets opens up more opportunities for deeper and wider co-operation in the future.” explains Lahdensivu.

    Varaani’s goal is to expand the now established co-operational model to all of the markets in Europe. This will inevitably help Varaani to serve more customers in Europe and lower the costs in each of the served markets.

    “Centralized storage systems which are accessible with many different devices have greater and greater demand. This is why we believe in Varaani Works and their business model and are very happy to be part of this value chain.” tells Service Manager Markus Salonen from ALSO Finland.

    “For ALSO Finland the co-operation with Varaani is a good example of their B2B-marketplace model. “With our 20 years of experience in business we have established our place as a leading ICT distributor in Finland. We offer our know-how to our partners through our wide service portfolio. With right timed and scaled logistics and with tailored services we can help our partners to be more competitive in today’s very demanding markets. With our new logistics central which will be opened in summer 2016 we will be able to offer even more sophisticated logistical services to our partners”, says Salonen


    More information:

    Markus Salonen, Service Manager ALSO Finland Oy p. 050 343 1776;

    Kimmo Lahdensivu, CEO Varaani Works Oy p. 040 528 5058

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