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    TWINKLE 2015 – Finland’s biggest event for international competence and growth

    Meet the international talents and open your business for international markets in TWINKLE 2015!

    Is your business looking for:

    • Growth in the international markets?
    • Competence to support internationalization?
    • Contacts to your target markets?
    • Fresh views on product development and customization?
    • Perspectives on business megatrends in business?
    • Strengthened international networks with other companies, talents and embassies?
    • A new kick for innovations?

    TWINKLE 2015 offers all this for you!

    Two days.
    2000 people from all over the world.
    Top speakers.
    Companies and international talents cross-pollinating and co-creating.

    TWINKLE 2015 business event is organized in Tampere Hall on Dec, 7-8. The inspiring programme offers insight and views on internationalisation, business megatrends and innovations. The main target group is the companies who are invited to link with internationals from diverse backgrounds. Almost 2000 participants are expected in the event. The language of the event is English.

    For companies, Twinkle is the place to look for new ways for internationalisation – TWINKLE makes it easy to tap the international competence amidst us.

    For international talents, TWINKLE is a chance to shine with their competence and find professional networks.

    TWINKLE 2015 brings to Tampere many keynote speakers who visit Finland for the first time. Among them, there is the creativity evangelist Denise Jacobs and the start-up guru Poornima Yijayashanker. The main moderator of TWINKLE 2015 is the rewarded speaker, Canadian André Noël Chaker.

    The entire TWINKLE 2015 programme is available at You can also download Android- or iOS– applications to your mobile device. Windows phone users can directly use the weblink from the phone browser.

    TWINKLE 2015 full programme has been published now! Check it out in: or download your apps for Android or iOS.

    Registration and ticket sales at: Secure you place among the brightest!

    TWINKLE 2015 is organised by volunteers from the international business community: their passion, skills and courage have made Twinkle come true. The event is co-ordinated and co-funded by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea.

    Additional informaion on Twinkle:

    • Laura Lindeman,, 040 820 1978
    • Marjukka Hourunranta,, 040 801 2687
    • Daryna Barsukova,, 040 648 6716
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