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    TreStart’s TalentMeet – 14th of December

    Your company is invited to the next TalentMeet event. Seize this opportunity and do it now! Does your company have challenges preventing growth, do you lack talented experts, or would you find it beneficial to have some external help to provide you with development ideas? Do you find it impossible to have the time or the financial resources to hire someone permanently to help with these issues?

    At TreStart we have the solution for you! Tell us briefly about your needs and meet several experts at TalentMeet, which takes place December 14, starting at 13:00, ending around 15:30. This event is organized in Tribe Tampere, Pinninkatu 47. Participation requires only 2 to 3 hours of your time. Be there, present your company briefly and meet talented people. It's easy and efficient!

    TalentMeet goes TRIBE, 14th of December

    Read more about TalentMeet in Finnish:

    TreStart is a service provided by the City of Tampere.

    TalentMeet events are organized each month as a way to help companies and talented job-seekers meet each other and discuss opportunities for cooperation and different ways of work opportunities. Work opportunities may include working in a freelance relationship using a billing service provider, working through a cooperative, or through a staffing firm, or by utilizing various forms of subsidies and aids available for employment. TalentMeet events are free for all participants. Let us help you - no strings attached!

    So, sign up quickly! This event will fill up fast. Send email to:

    The very last day to sign up is December 12th.

    You are most welcome to join us!

    P.S. Our TreStart community has a lot of available experts in various fields of industry. The invitations to this event will be sent to thousands of talented job-seekers. We conducted a survey in our community in November 2016 and you can read the summary in Finnish here:

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