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    Traplight to create games for the Minecraft generation

    Tampere-based Traplight has raised $2.7 million to create games for the Minecraft generation. Traplight is known as the developer of Big Bang Racing, a game that has been downloaded over three million times. The team aims to use the funding to grow its staff and develop new titles focused on player creativity and user generated content.

    Traplight financed to scale up its team and develop new games
    Traplight team. Photos:

    Traplight’s first game was UGC-focused title Big Bang Racing, in which players have created over 7.3 million levels. Art Director Jari Paananen says the studio will continue to focus on user generated content in its games given the success of Big Bang Racing and its inherently social nature.

    “It is something that ties the community together and drives retention. Games like Minecraft are the trailblazers in UGC. The new generation of gamers that have grown with both Minecraft and mobile devices take it pretty much as granted that you should be able to create, share and express yourself in mobile games as well. And of course we agree. Our goal is to create the games that the Minecraft generation will play for years in to the future”, says Paananen.

    The funding round was led by VC firm Korea Investment Partners, which has previously invested in companies such as Seriously, Super Evil Megacorp and Huuuge Games. Other investors included Sunstone Capital, Finnvera and angel investor Shukri Shammas.

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