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    “Today, I want to thank Tampere, my second home”

    Hello everyone, my name is Lishan Wu and I am from Taishan City, Guangdong Province, China. I studied Environmental Engineering as my major at Tampere University of Applied Science and graduated as bachelor of engineer in October 2014. In September 2015, I continue my graduate study, master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University of Technology.

    This year I become a new student again, seeing new students with shyness and curiosity, I couldn’t help thinking of myself back to four years ago. On the first school day, the first question I was asked was “where are you from, why do you choose environmental engineering as your major?” I still remember that I was both excited and nervous, answering the questions in an extremely brief way: "I am from China, I choose to study environmental engineering because I wanted to make the world a better place." This year, on the first school day, I was calm and confident, and my goal in life is clearer, my next five-year goal is to enter Finnish international clean-tech company to help develop the Chinese and Asian markets.

    Compared with Chinese schools, the management policies of Finnish schools are more open, with more advanced software and hardware facilities. In Finland, students have bigger right to arrange their courses, and they can arrange the curriculum according to their own plans. Under such circumstances, students have to create their own learning plan individually, and take full responsibility for their own studies. I think it is a good way to rise students’ awareness.

    In addition to be self-motivated at study, I think actively participate in various extracurricular activities and projects is a must. Fun and crazy parties help new students get more involved into Finnish culture. Joining professional-related projects and volunteer activities can not only help improve the theoretical ability but also can help develop networking skills. While having active integration into Finnish culture, we should not ignore our Chinese culture, on the contrary, we should be the bridge of Finnish and Chinese intercultural communication. Finally, I think learning Finnish is a great benefit if you are intending to stay in Finland, as this helps you interact in a Finnish business environment.

    Being a student in Finland is such a wonderful thing, it is always ready to challenge you and support you in any way. My student life in Finland not only gives me chances to open my mind but also provides me a valuable stage to play. Today, I would like to thank Finland sincerely, and also, I want to thank Tampere, my second home.

    Lishan Wu


    又是一年入学季, 看着校园里羞涩的满脸期待的新生们,我不禁会回想起四年前的自己。在开学的第一天,我被问的第一个问题是你来自哪里,你为什么选择环境工程专业? 我还记得那时候的我既兴奋又紧张, 回答得特别简短:” 我来自中国,我选择读环境工程是因为我想让世界变得更美好”。而今年研究院开学的第一天,我变得从容和自信了,我的人生目标也更加明确了,未来五年的目标是进入芬兰国际清洁能源公司,把芬兰的环保理念及先进技术引进中国和亚洲市场。我正朝着这个目标努力呢,这也就是我为什么读管理系研究生的原因。


    除了对学习采取100%的积极性,我认为积极参加各项校内校外的活动与项目是有必要的, 因为有趣的活动和疯狂的派对有助于帮助新生融入芬兰文化, 而做与专业相关的项目和志愿者活动不仅仅有助于提高理论应用能力,还有益于拓展人脉。在积极融入芬兰文化的同时,我们不应该忽略中华文化,相反呢,我们要当中芬文化交流的桥梁。最后,我认为学好芬兰语是必须的,如果你的目标是留在芬兰工作,那就请你现在就开始好好努力学好芬兰语吧。



    Tampere - All Bright! Magazine’s blog presents posts from people who feel love for Tampere and want other people to know what a fantastic place to live, work and study Tampere Region is.

    About the blogger:

    • My name is Lishan Wu, from Taishan, Guangdong, China
    • I am studying for my master in Tampere.
    • I moved to Tampere and started my bachelor study in 2011, because firstly my boyfriend (now is my husband) was studying in Tampere, secondly I was interested in the bachelor study at Tampere university of applied science, thirdly I considered Tampere is a great city to live.
    • The longer I stay in Tampere the more opportunities I see from Tampere. There are many clean-tech companies blooming in this region and I believe I can start my career here. Besides, I enjoy the life style in Tampere, living in a modern city surrounding with lakes and forests, which is also a reason why I decided to stay in Tampere.
    • I am a Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador. (Do you feel love for Tampere? Read about the Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador Network and join the Bright team!)
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