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    The Tampere Region at your service

    There is a wide range of different public business services available, and all entrepreneurs have the right to use them. Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea has produced a new website in order to make using these rights as convenient as possible. It introduces national and regional public services for businesses, lists business events and guides entrepreneurs conveniently to the beginning of the service path.

    “The website was built with a strong local approach to help entrepreneurs perceive the business services available and find exactly the information they need,” says Development Manager Niina Immonen at Tredea. introduces the visitors to fictional examples of a Service Entrepreneur and an International Expansion Seeker and many others. They are models created to demonstrate the journeys of companies seeking services for different development needs.

    From an entrepreneur’s perspective, collecting the business services on one website is very useful. Managing Director Arto Leppisaari at Movendos, a company that creates online coaching software solutions, finds a welcome change.

    “The main reason is that entrepreneurs usually suffer from a chronic lack of time. They simply do not have the time to run around online trying to find information here and there,” says Leppisaari.

    The website is designed to make the necessary information as easy to find as possible. Public business services are presented under 10 themes so that a person entering the website can quickly find the relevant subject. The first thing visitors see are the direct paths; a busy visitor can immediately telephone and ask their question or fill in a sounding form to obtain more detailed information.

    “These one-click contact tools are worth using! For example, the form does not take long to fill in and will probably produce good tips and help entrepreneurs forward without binding them to anything,” says Immonen encouragingly.

    “A modern version of the business yellow pages: a lot of useful information and a clear structure,” says Movendos Managing Director Arto Leppisaari, who examined the website from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

    The innovation environment of the Tampere City Region and the opportunities it opens for companies that are growing and going international is the other side of the website. If you are interested in, for example, innovative public procurement, open data or innovation platform services, the first step is made easy by the website’s contact form.

    “Tampere is known for its bold new initiatives and team spirit. We want the companies operating in the region or considering moving here to be able to benefit from all of that,” says Immonen.

    Leppisaari was immediately intrigued by the presentation of the innovation environment. He is quite familiar with the region’s research and innovation environments thanks to personal experience. However, Leppisaari believes that not everyone knows them or how to benefit from them.

    “In that sense, it is great that the innovation environment is presented here alongside business services. When people come here seeking information about something connected to the day-to-day business of a company, they may also start thinking about opportunities on a wider scale.” also guides its visitors to current events and training opportunities, which are important for companies. There are many of those in the Tampere City Region – and that is why Tredea wanted to collect them in one calendar.

    Translation: Lingoneer

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