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    The surprising truth about Finland

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    Bright place, Bright people - Innovative Tampere Region

    Did you know that…

    …The world’s largest port automation test area is situated in the biggest Nordic inland city - Tampere?
    …The world’s leading mining and tunneling manufacturer comes from Tampere - a city that has no mines or tunnels, except for cars?
    …Two deep sea submarines, MIR I and MIR II, were built and tested in Tampere - a city located between two vast lakes with max depth of 40 meters?
    …The world’s first smartphone, the Nokia Communicator, was born in 1996 in Tampere - a city that neighbors a town called Nokia?

    ..all of the following innovations have seen daylight for the very first time in the Tampere Region:

    - NMT phone call
    - Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
    - Bioabsorbable implant
    - Electromechanical film
    - Micro-chrystallized chitosan
    - GSM phone call
    - Walking forest machine
    - First Communicator (Nokia 9000)
    - Digital x-ray image
    - Mobile phone camera (Nokia 7650)
    - Automated mine loading
    - Fog screen walkthrough display
    - Automated container terminal
    - Preservative-free prostaglandin eye-drop for glaucoma treatment
    - New jawbone was grown from a patient’s fat cells using stem cell technology
    - Biodegradable implant that releases antibiotics

    Tampere Region in brief

    - Population 499 000
    - 31 000 places of business
    - 2nd largest airport in the country
    - 2/3 Finns live within a 1,5h drive from Tampere
    - Every 5th citizen in Tampere is a student
    - World class research and university-industry collaboration
    - Easy to reach – one-day business trip to all major locations
    - Talented, educated, experienced people
    - Growth center that keeps on growing
    - At the top of the most attractive Finnish cities – year after year

    Finland in brief


    Total area: 338,144 square kilometres, of which 10% is water and 69% forest; Europe’s largest archipelago, including the semi-autonomous province of Åland

    Population: 5.4 million

    Capital: Helsinki (595,000), about 1.3 million people live in the Helsinki metropolitan area

    GNP: In 2013, Finland’s GNP per capita was 37,018 euros

    Currency: The Finnish currency unit is the euro. Finland was one of the 12 EU countries that started using the euro in 2002.

    Languages: Finland has two official languages: Finnish (91.5%) and Swedish (5.5%). Another official indigenous minority language is Sami (0.03%)

    Religion: Lutheran (75.2 %) and Orthodox (about 1.1%)

    Neighboring Countries: Sweden, Norway, Russia

    Parliament: Parliament consists of one chamber with 200 members. The members are elected for a four-year term by direct popular vote under a system of proportional representation.

    President: The head of state is the President of the Republic. The President is elected for a six-year term by direct popular vote. The president for the current term (until February 28, 2018) is Mr Sauli Niinistö.

    Climate: The climate of Finland is marked by cold winters and fairly warm summers. In summer the temperature quite often rises to +20 Celsius or more and occasionally goes close to +30 in southern and eastern parts of the country. In winter, temperatures of -20 Celsius are not uncommon in many areas. Finnish Lapland invariably has the lowest winter temperatures

    Local Time: +2 hrs GMT

    Flight Times to Helsinki hrs:min:
    Beijing 8:00
    Brussels 2:40
    Melbourne 22:00
    Moscow 1:40
    New York 8:40
    Rome 3:40
    Tokyo 9:30

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