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    The results of tomorrow are made today

    Welcome to Tampere – All Bright! Magazine, the home of the Brightest posts in Finland!

    We collected these business stories about the Tampere city region for all of you readers who know for a fact that Finland is brimming with competence, activity and development. We selected these particular companies because they represent strong and traditional expertise – the foundation on which new and international business has been built. In the Tampere city region, increasing ownership and investments remain a crystal clear demonstration that manufacturing is profitable when fresh competence is used. This also shows that production is returning to Finland, at least under certain conditions.

    With all the wonderful stories we had to choose from, you can be sure that we will continue to post news on the Tampere city region tomorrow and far into the future! Keep your eyes peeled on this site!

    Päivi Myllykangas
    CEO, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea

    Chairman of the Board Harri Sjöholm, Oy Robit Rocktools Ltd

    "We want to be an example of a growth company that can manufacture its products in Finland and still remain internationally competitive.” Read the article >

    Managing Director Pasi Mäkelä, Doranova

    “We found new markets after trade with Russia declined.” Read the article >

    CEO Risto Käkelä, Avant Tecno

    “We believe in Finnish expertise and development, which is why we are investing in the Tampere region." Read the article >

    Managing Director Jari Ontronen, Jotel

    “We have made investments and developed our operations to better serve our customers.” Read the article >

    CEO Pertti Huusko, Insta Group

    “We are creating new business by making determined investments in product development and active marketing in the field of computer and data security, based on the strong ICT expertise of Insta and the entire Tampere Region.” Read the article >

    Managing Director Kimmo Riihimäki, Hämeen Laaturemontti

    “This work is not run from an ivory tower!” Read the article >

    Agco Power Oy, Managing Director, Eero Tomi

    "The development is cyclical, as it always has been. That’s why the economic stagnation doesn’t worry me." Read the article >

    Managing Director Tero Pussinen, Saunatalo

    “The future looks bright although housing construction is at a relatively low level.” Read the article >

    Päivi Myllykangas, CEO, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea​
    Päivi Myllykangas, CEO, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea​

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