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    The New York Times highlights Finnish start-ups and excellent talent pool

    The New York Times highlighted in its article Tampere based company Piceasoft and their benefit from the mobile data-transferring technology that was once built at Nokia.

    "Through a government-sponsored program, the small team licensed the software — almost free — from Nokia and received tens of thousands of dollars from their former employer to fund their start-up." The New York Times wrote

    The New York Times also wrote about the demand of highly skilled developers and engineers that governments worldwide are trying to attract while Finland - and Tampere - has a great talent pool available with excellent with skills in high tech.

    "With the skyrocketing growth of smartphones, apps and the mobile Internet, governments worldwide are angling to train and attract more highly skilled developers and engineers to meet the needs of their quickly digitizing economies. Yet Finland — whose population is roughly the same as Minnesota’s — has almost the opposite problem: a surplus of these workers, who were left jobless after a series of layoffs at Nokia and Microsoft. How to solve this problem has left policy makers and tech companies trying to turn Nokia’s and Microsoft’s pain into Finland’s gain."

    The availability of high tech talents makes it easier for companies to set up new operations such as research and development facilities to Finland.

    "Several of the Finnish cities most affected by the big job cuts have pushed to attract other tech companies, using the available local tech talent as a major selling point."

    Read the whole article at the New York Times: After Nokia Layoffs, Tech Workers in Finland Regroup and Refocus

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