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    The most attractive region in Finland can be found at one address

    “The most desirable place to live in Finland, the most attractive city for tourism and one of the leading innovation cities in the country, as shown by studies – and a winning ticket for business. We thought that you might be interested in what a region like this can offer – at least if you happen to be an entrepreneur, traveller, international expert or thinking about moving here.

    That is why we decided to collect all the services, events and news of the Tampere Region at one address –– to give you a quick overview of what the region is like.

    You could live here – if you weren’t living here already!”

    - Sari Mäkelä, Tampere – All Bright! Tredea Communications Manager in charge of the website

    For further information:

    • Tampere Region beckons –

    Join us in promoting the Tampere Region

    • Add your company or research team to Tredea’s Business & Research Directories list or check that the information you have already entered is valid. The list is a practical demonstration of the diversity of the region’s economic life and research activities, which makes it a good tool for marketing the region. It also gives visibility to companies and research teams.
    • When you are abroad: Mention the Tampere City Region! Consider including relevant information about the region in your presentation or discussions. Hopefully, you will also want to encourage your listeners to visit the website.
    • The Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network promotes the region internationally and includes new ambassadors in its activities.
    • Take advantage of your networks: Tredea welcomes tips about companies that are interested in the Tampere City Region. Tips are golden, and the quick reaction to them has produced great results.
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