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    Tampere Region beckons

    Everybody knows: Tampere City Region is the second-largest centre for growth in Finland and offers the good life to both residents and companies. Or do they know it?

    “It is a shared challenge for the entire region. In truth, many in Finland are unaware of all the opportunities of the Tampere City Region, and the image of the region abroad is still too fragmentary,” says Tredea’s Petri Nykänen, Director, Business Development and Invest in.

    Tredea works to promote awareness of the region in Finland and abroad. The redesigned website is the address where it would like corporate decision-makers and investors to go.

    “That is why the website strongly highlights the region’s top fields of expertise as well as its growing purchasing power and excellent location at a node of several forms of traffic,” says Nykänen.

    Nykänen also considers investment in the innovation environment as one of the competitive advantages of the region, precisely in attracting investments.

    “It is a clear signal that we are investing in the development opportunities of companies and that we want both existing companies in the region and new companies coming in to have good opportunities to develop new products and services.

    Photo: Opa Latvala

    The interest of corporate decision-makers in the region must be sparked and stoked because even a comprehensive website on its own is not enough to bring investments to a region. One way to achieve it is to be visible in the right way and in the right place as well as sufficiently often.

    “For example, we are constantly mapping the channels through which corporate decision-makers seek information and follow the news. Those are the channels through which we need to promote the Tampere City Region,” says Nykänen.

    Another side of the work is being able to provide those who are interested with useful information about the region and the services available as well as contact information and quick answers to their questions. To support their decision-making, companies need information about the business environment, potential research and product development partners and practical matters, such as sites and office space.

    “At Tredea, we are extremely familiar with the region and what it has to offer and can provide a balanced view of the available sites to all enquirers,” says Nykänen.


    Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Sébastien Simon: “There are at least three very good reasons to invest in the Tampere Region. The region has competent labour, a strong innovation culture and a diverse range of companies.”  Watch the video:

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