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    “Tampere Region – a beautiful place with a willingness to make things work”

    The Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network is for people who want to promote the international visibility of the Tampere Region as voluntary ambassadors. What do they think about the region? Let’s find out!

    In November 2015 The Tampere – All Bright! Ambassadors organised an event about new business development in Tampere.

    Sébastien Simon, Business Advisor:

    – I see three main advantages in Tampere for businesses that want to make direct investments: availability of talented workforce, good innovation culture and the wide range of industries and companies. The ecosystem of ICT, intelligent machines and manufacturing industry is particularly strong.

    Video: Investing in the Tampere Region

    – Tampere is a good place for businesses that want to export and there are several reasons for that. They can get support from different organisations and international talents. There are already many international companies on the region, so you can use this network and find right connections. It is also easy to travel to and from Tampere to meet your customers!

    Video: Exporting from the Tampere Region

    Michael Beversdorf, Product Director:

    – I think Tampere has now a lot of start-ups starting, more that it has been for the last few years. Many people have had ideas that they have been thinking for a while, and now they are putting them into action. Innovation is that you take something you do very well in one area and you do it in another are – the possibilities for this to happen are just enormous here. And of course, the industrial history of the Tampere Region is very interesting!

    Video: Tampere – startups and innovations

    Nuppu Suvanto, HR-Specialist

    – The university sector in Tampere is very multifaceted both in research and education. We have three different universities and there are interesting plans for their cooperation. As for living in the Tampere Region, we truly try to make settling in easier. Plus we have an excellent international daycare and school system, and the international community is growing all the time.

    Video: Three universities, one bright future

    Rogerio Da Conceicao, Business Developer

    – The best way to infiltrate any international market is to use a person who is originally from those markets, because they know those markets and understand them. We already have these people in Tampere, they just need to be capitalised. Tampere itself is a beautiful place and there is a willingness to make things work.

    Video: Recruiting international talents

    Ursula Helsky-Lehtola, Project Communicator

    – Come and discover my Tampere Region! I’m a native Tampere-person, I’ve been living here most of my life and also worked as a tourist guide when I was young. I’d like to tell you about my favorite places in Tampere.

    Video: Discover my Tampere Region

    So, wherever they go, the ambassadors promote the Tampere Region as a good place to live, work and study. A special goal is to promote the region as a business environment.

    The Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network was launched by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea in 2015. New ambassadors are welcome to join the network. You’ll find more information on the Talent Tampere website  – and there is one more video for you. See why some bright people have already joined the Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network.


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