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    From heavy industry to smart industry

    For more than a hundred years, Tampere has been a location where machines have been built for various applications. Globalized companies have survived and changed. The mobile technology and R&D in universities have helped evolving and new companies to be born in Finland. In an odd way, many cities have benefited from the decline fortunes because a large pool of talent has been freed up as a result. The powerful industry cluster that evolved around mobile communications remains strong. Many former Nokia employees have founded their own small companies or been recruited by firms at the cutting-edge of technology, in the fields of mobile networks and mobile gaming technology.

    ICT, Games, IT, IoT - Innovation Centers

    New Factory – one of Finland’s leading startup accelerator and business incubation centers – is an example of the kind of organization that thrives in the rich innovative environment that Nokia helped to create in Tampere. It connects business and people providing the space, tools and facilities for collaboration. The center has 170 partner businesses, has created 70 start-up companies and has created more then 400 jobs. Jukka Matikanen, director of New Factory, says: “We believe in the open-innovation, co-creation and lean start-up concepts. It means that start-ups can be successful by focusing on the essential and testing agilely the critical business assumptions.”

    National, regional and local

    Local firms say that the municipal governments are proactive, listen closely to their concerns, and attempt to promote international activities. This has helped them to weather the challenges the cities have encountered during the past few years, including anemic economic growth in the Eurozone. Outside our capital area many cities like Turku, Tampere, Vaasa, Oulu, Lahti and Kuopio have formed their own successful clusters and specialities in order to steer the economic growth. There is e.g. Smart City, Renewing Industry and Future Health -projects.


    We join the Drømmeløftet. As the twin city of Trondheim, Tampere has the honour to invite you to share your ideas and needs with ours and start to make collaborative plans.


    More information: 

    Sirpa Kuusela
    Project Manager
    Tel +358 46 923 2336


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