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    Tampere based MoroMui brings Talent Boost Summit 2017 to your computer and mobile device

    Talent Boost Summit 2017 is just around the corner.

    The sign-up link to the event has now been closed. But fear not: if you or your organization missed out, you can still join the summit online!

    Our partner MoroMui oy will be streaming the event live from Youtube. Click the link or search for MoroMuiTube to join the stream on Wednesday morning.

    MoroMui Oy was founded in Tampere in 2017. The company name is a clever combination of Finnish language and the local Tampere dialect. 

     "Moro" is the unique Finnish greeting expression in Tampere region, while "Mui" is short for "Muisti", which means "memory" in Finnish. The name of our company, "Hello Memory", aims to concisely present the core service and the solution we provides, that is, to help people save and connect their precious memories in the form of videos.

    Join the stream on Wednesday the 22nd. The Talent Boost Summit live stream starts after breakfast at 9:30.

    Talent Boost Summit 2017 takes place at Koskenranta Center, Helsinki
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