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    SoC Hub offers a new competitive advantage for Finnish companies

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    Picture: Tampere University

    The first Finnish system-on-chip design ecosystem, SoC Hub launches in Tampere on Jan 27th, 2021. This initiative brings together companies that develop IC technologies, companies that utilize them in various applications, and expert academics in the field.  

    Companies with no prior experience, including SMEs, now have access to a template to build their own  system-on-chip. Tampere University, Nokia and, a core group of SoC companies in Finland have come together to pool technology and know-how, to provide this template for SoCs. Companies can now quickly develop their own chip for prototyping or demos with low cost.

    In this community, companies and researchers will share information and learn from each other through joint PoC projects, networking events, seminars and other business development activities coordinated by the University and Business Tampere.

    This a major expansion of the region's center of excellence for SoC development, supported with welcome funding from Business Finland and The Council of Tampere Region,” says Seppo Haataja, Director of Smart Tampere Programme at Business Tampere. “Development of such complex solutions needs an active ecosystem to flourish. We welcome companies from around the world to contact regarding collaboration opportunities.”

    “SoCs are co-developed in a team of partners. Modifiable architecture and agile design methods offer companies unique opportunities to diversify their products. EU-level cooperation is taking place with Scale4Edge, a German project developing SoCs, says Timo Hämäläinen, Professor of Computer Engineering fromTampere University.

    The SoC Hub ecosystem launch webinar is on 27th January, part of the Tampere Smart City Week. Keynote speakers of the webinar are SoC Development Director Veijo Kontas from Nokia, head of the Scale4Edge collaboration project Wolfgang Ecker from Infineon Technologies and Emerging Business Senior Account Manager Marco Vrouwe from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Comp. (TSMC).

    Further information

    Seppo Haataja
    Director, Smart Tampere Programme, Business Tampere
    tel. +358 40 500 3475

    Timo Hämäläinen
    Professor, Computer Engineering Tampere University
    tel. +358 40 849 0777

    SoC Hub website:

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