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    Saunatalo: “The future looks bright although housing construction is at a relatively low level.”

    ​Saunatalo is an expert in sauna construction. Photo:​
    ​Saunatalo is an expert in sauna construction. Photo:​

    Life is looking up after the merger. Saunatalo was born in July 2014 when two of Finland's leading experts in sauna construction, Oriveden Erikoiselementti and E-S Saunatalo, joined forces officially. This was a successful move, since the more extensive knowledge pool enables us to serve our customers better than ever before.

    We can look to the future with confidence, even though housing construction is currently at a relatively low level in Finland. It is indicative of this period in time that the activity of real estate investors has increased, which is a good thing. Many projects have been kicked off by someone buying 10 or 20 housing units as an investment.

    In my opinion, development in the Tampere city region will be strong in the coming years. For example, promising residential areas, Ranta-Tampella and Santalahti, are planned to be built at the ends of the Rantatunneli tunnel, which is under construction in Tampere. The plans are already quite far along, and I hope that their effect on our operations will be seen as soon as next year.

    Saunatalo has invested in occupational safety and IT expertise since we want to be a pioneer in the field of occupational safety and ensure that things run smoothly at work sites. We have implemented a mobile record system for our fitters. What this means is that all fitters record their work site tasks after each day. This enables us to monitor work progress and react where necessary. The data gained from the mobile records is also viable for invoicing and wage payment purposes.

    ​Managing Director Tero Pussinen, Saunatalo Oy​
    ​Managing Director Tero Pussinen, Saunatalo Oy​

    For Finns, the sauna is very much rooted in tradition, which is why new styles and trends are slow to emerge – but they do occasionally. Saunatalo has developed a sauna made up of prefabricated elements and a front wall manufactured from glass. It was introduced at the FinnBuild 2014 fair in October. The use of a glass wall is gaining popularity in the interior decoration of shower and sauna facilities, and the Saunatalo innovation makes it available as an industrial product that is easy to install. It is also well suited to export. New solutions are already being planned.

    Saunatalo is an expert in sauna construction, which manufactures and renovates saunas in flats and houses with experience from 100,000 sauna installations. The company's turnover for 2014 was €6 million, and it employs about 60 people.

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