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    Prime time for Tampere in China Central Television

    Film Tampere, the film comission of Tampere run by Business Tampere, hosts a rare visit from China, as CCTV-6 channel’s film crew stays in the region shooting an episode to its World Film Report program series. The Tampere episode will be shown in China in October, and it will reach over 25 million households and a total of one billion viewers.

    The World Film Report is one of China Central Television, CCTV-6 channel’s top productions. During the program’s 17-year history it has set trends for the Chinese tourism. According to CCTV-6 channel, the program opens a unique window for millions of Chinese people in understanding other cultures. In addition, the program can boost co-operation between China and the target country in a number of areas.

    “Having an own episode in CCTV-6 channel’s World Film Report series is a true break-through for our region in many ways. For Chinese AV professionals, the program promotes Tampere city as a strong European production location and for the viewers it shows Tampere - and the entire Finland - as an exciting travel destination. The prime time in the Chinese television may open many business opportunities for us in the future”, says Ilkka Rahkonen, Business Development Manager, Media at Business Tampere.

    CCTV-6 filming at Rajaportin sauna.

    Tampere with its authentic filming locations and Suomi feeling impressed

    During their stay in Tampere, the Chinese filming professionals have visited the Mediapolis studios in Tohloppi, Särkänniemi Angry Birds Land park, the Rajaportti sauna and other city and nature locations close by. The filming group has been very excited by Tampere's long history of audiovisual productions, hence many local AV professionals were interviewed by the crew. Further, they were fascinated how urban and nature locations seamlessly unite in Tampere area, and how short distances and local people’s hospitality made organising the shoots easy.

    "In Tampere the sceneries are very beautiful, for example, the lakes surrounding the city. I find this a fantastic location for any film maker who wishes to capture an authentic atmosphere," says Irene Liu, CCTV-6 channel journalist and producer.

    CCTV-6 filming in Moomin museum.


    Ilkka Rahkonen
    Business Development Director, Media
    p. 040 860 3816

    Elina Häkkinen
    Audiovisual Producer, Film Tampere
    p. 040 044 4913

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