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    poLight establishes competence centre in Tampere

    Tampere is Finland’s most popular city
    Tampere is alive and constantly changing. It has changed into a modern city that embraces its industrial heritage - and is always going forward. Photo: Jorma Peltoniemi

    Norwegian technology company poLight continues to expand and has established a competence centre in Tampere, Finland. The new unit will be based on senior resources from the former Nokia/Microsoft imaging team. Tredea supported poLight in its effort to find the right people and get all the information they needed on Tampere Region.

    The competence centre will allow poLight to better support customers in implementing the poLight technology, and to further strengthen the company's ability to build system solution around its proprietary TLens® technology.

    poLight are currently in the process of ramping-up production of its first product TLens® Silver. This will represent a new and unique way of realising autofocus for smartphone cameras having several benefits for end-users, camera module manufactures and smartphone vendors. poLight is in dialogue with several potential customers, and numerous projects to qualify the company’s technology are ongoing.

    “The new competence centre is a strategic important move for poLight. We bring onboard unique competence which will increase our relevance and ease our market entrance. Furthermore, it will secure that we take important steps in bringing new innovative solutions to the market”, says Pierre Craen, CTO of poLight.

    poLight offers the fastest autofocus lens for mobile phone cameras. The company’s patented technology has several advantages over the currently used technology, Voice Coil Motor (VCM). Combined with advanced image processing, poLight’s autofocus lens enables new applications, such as “Instant FocusTM” – which provides instant focus of the image, “All in FocusTM” – which enables focus on all objects in the image, including objects both close to and far from the camera, as well as the opportunity to refocus the image post-capture.

    “We are very excited to join the poLight team, and look forward to bring our software and hardware smartphone camera system knowledge to the company. We are impressed by the technology developed by poLight and look forward to help accelerating market introduction and expand the offering”, said Manu Hakola, head of the poLight system team in Finland.


    Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea supported poLight in its effort to find the right people and get all the information they needed on Tampere Region, and will continue to support the new site.

    "Support by Tredea has been very proactive and professional and made us confident that this was a good region for us to invest in. We’ll have a small competence centre, but a lot of possibilities for useful networking and cooperation", says poLight CEO Øyvind Isaksen.

    "We also worked closely with the ex-Microsoft teams in this case, to everyone’s benefit. Through cooperation we can bring the Tampere story to more people and bring more great companies like poLight here. So if you have a contact in a company that could benefit from the current situation here, please get in touch with us", concludes Oliver Hussey, Senior Manager, Business Development and Invest in, of Tredea.

    For further information about poLight®, go to

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