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    Polar has come to Tampere to stay

    Polar Electro will open an office in Tampere in the autumn, employing an estimated 20 professionals in software development. The decision to come to Tampere was made without unnecessary delay.

    “When we noticed that good employees were likely to be available, we decided that it was time to act quickly. The best specialists will always be taken first,” says Ismo Savikoski, Vice President, Product & Services at Polar.

    According to Savikoski, competition for certain types of skills is getting so tough on the company’s home turf in Kempele, near Oulu, that a growing company must start looking for resources elsewhere. Having already opened a fast-growing office in Jyväskylä, Polar was attracted to the Tampere region by not only the news about specialists but also the high quality of local technical knowledge and education.

    Polar Electro opens an office in Tampere
    Polar has invested in developing services and applications, since personal guidance to improve well-being is a strongly growing trend in the field. Photo: Polar.

    Polar’s recruitment project started with two recruitment events at the beginning of July, and the first employment contracts were signed in August. Tampere seems to deliver on the expectations set, even though the selection criteria are tight.

    “We have already found top specialists in the first wave, and it looks like we’ll achieve our goal. As a matter of fact, the number of top professionals has surprised us. After this experience, we are hopeful about the second wave, in which we will be looking for both web and mobile developers. Polar seems to have wind in its sails,” Savikoski says, satisfied.

    Polar’s entry to Tampere has not gone unnoticed by potential partners either.

    “There have been contacts and meetings, and good corporate partners seem to be available. Polar has come to Tampere to stay,” Savikoski sums up.

    Polar is an international pioneer in heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and training computers as well as the related services. The company has strong traditions in equipment manufacture, and it has invested significantly in developing its services and applications in recent years.

    “Individual, personal guidance and motivation that will improve the customer’s well-being – these are what we want keep developing. And we mustn’t forget sports: when we make good products for professional athletes, we also find new ideas that can be further developed to benefit all active people,” Savikoski says.

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