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    Novasano strengthens its operations with Finnish cyber security expertise

    Press release 6.6.2017

    New American company Novasano located in Finland in order to access top quality cyber security expertise and an innovative R&D environment with the support of Invest in Finland. Novasano is currently hiring IT professionals in Tampere and Oulu. Novasano operates across the IT and health sectors, turning the challenges of the Internet of Things into opportunities.

    Novasano’s products are developed in Finland, which is also an important country for piloting new concepts. The main markets for the products are expected to be in the United States and Europe. Novasano’s product development team is currently recruiting more top experts in Tampere and Oulu.

    Novasano’s CEO David Chartier has focused on cyber security and its related solutions for more than 20 years, working for many different growth companies.

    “Novasano selected Finland for its product development environment because Finnish expertise is world-class, for example in terms of data privacy management, cyber security threat prevention, reliable infrastructure and identity management. The Internet of Things has brought many benefits and advantages to both consumers and society but at the same time it has also opened new interfaces for cyber security attacks,” says Chartier.

    Novasano was founded to help find solutions to these challenges, whether related to consumers’ private devices (e.g. pacemakers) or patient monitoring equipment used in hospital emergency rooms (e.g. infusion pumps). The information produced by Novasano helps healthcare actors to manage cyber security risks more efficiently.

    Cyber security is essential in healthcare

    According to Jussi Eronen, leading expert at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA), Finland's high level of cyber security is reflected in its low number of information security breaches in global comparison.

    “It’s great news that Novasano is investing specifically in Finland to address the highly topical need for cyber security in the healthcare industry. The recent cyber attack against British hospital systems was a stark reminder of the vital importance of patient safety,” says Invest in Finland’s Nora Kaarela, Director, Head of Industry, Health and Wellbeing at Finpro, the Finnish trade promotion organization.

    Cooperation with Invest in Finland speeds up locating to Finland

    Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit brings foreign companies and investors to Finland, and has helped Novasano to establish its operations in Finland. Kirsi Kokko’s, who is the client manager for Novasano at Invest in Finland, most important task has been to network the foreign company within the Finnish ecosystem and provide help in finding ICT sector experts and partners.

    “Building the contact network in the healthcare sector and presenting the ecosystem have been the most valuable things for us. We would not have been able to do this so quickly without Invest in Finland’s services,” praises Chartier.

    “Together with BioMediTech, we organised an introductory tour with of the new clinical teaching laboratories of the Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation located next to the Tampere University Hospital. FinnMed’s help in enabling meetings with local and even national partners has also been an important part of the big picture,” says Kokko.

    Novasano is organising a seminar focusing on the cyber security of international medical devices and a hackathon to test medical device vulnerabilities as part of the EMBEC’17 event (11–15.6.2017). The seminar speakers and panelists are cyber security experts from the United States and Finland.

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    Kirsi Kokko, Senior Advisor, Invest in Finland / Finpro, email:, telephone: +358 50 550 2023

    Virpi Koivumaa, CFO, Novasano, email :, +358 20 730 1120

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