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    No ordinary workday at Tredea

    Elisa Mochizuki works at Tredea in Tampere, Finland.
    Elisa Mochizuki at Tredea office in historical Tampella premises in Tampere, Finland.

    Elisa Mochizuki works for Talent Tampere in Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and claims that in this workplace there is not a single ordinary day.

    "I am currently a project assistant and trainee at Tredea, while also finalising a master’s degree in Social Policy and Welfare at the University of Tampere. It is actually not my first nor second working experience, but I have never been happier in a workplace.

    We may start the day hosting an event for internationals and Tampere Ambassadors, we may be attending an expert seminar on talent attraction in Helsinki, or I may be doing some creative writing at the office like today.

    Trust is the main ingredient in this workplace. People seem motivated and engaged with their tasks, they are not policing each other in any way nor often looking at their watches – every task takes what it takes to get done satisfactorily.

    Transparency is conveyed by the office’s spatial arrangement itself – an open and shared space with several public organisations, where there is no fixed desk for each one. The working speed can be quite high, people are not just sitting around passively, they may be performing one task here and there one after the other.

    Some strategic and developmental priorities may as well shift sooner than later. But what is constant is the people’s mindset towards a common goal: to make Tampere one of the liveliest regions in Finland and in the world. Liveliest? Yes, liveliest in terms of business, education, technology, culture, wellbeing, etc. – where everyone can joyfully develop their potential to the fullest, both individually and collectively.

    For such success, they are placing a lot of emphasis on internationalisation; they are more than aware that nowadays we are interconnected and regions and people benefit from each other most by sharing their best knowledge and assets beyond borders.

    From my very early days in Tampere, when I was involved in the Talent Tampere Mentoring Programme as a mentee or Demola as a student, I often saw the logo “Tredea” around the international co-creation and networking zones in Tampere. For a while, I did not tangibly understand what or whom they were, until I came across with two charismatic Tredea employees at different events. I got very inspired by them.

    Now, to be working along with such people that inspire me is being deeply significant and an irreplaceable experience to me. I am truly thankful to be given such a space to contribute in their constructive and promotive processes, while learning and growing even further as a professional and ultimately, as a person."

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