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    New restaurant & sauna to Laukontori

    The scenery at Laukontori harbour in Tampere is about to change, as a modern building housing a new concept of a restaurant and public sauna will be opened as early as summer 2017. It will replace the old Hopealinjat cruise ticket office that will also start operating in the new building.

    The restaurant-sauna-combination is starting to seem like a bit of a trend after Löyly opened on the Helsinki seaside this past spring. Lumo Nordic, the company behind the Tampere restaurant, say they have been developing the concept for five years already. After opening restaurants in Tampere and Kuopio, Lumo Nordic is looking to take the concept abroad.

    Celebrity chef Sara La Fountain recently joined the project to help turn it into an international export.

    “To me, going to sauna and having some traditional treatments is a peaceful experience. When we combine it with healthy nutrition, I believe the experience will be a perfectly relaxing one”, she says.

    Instead of going for luxury, the new restaurant and sauna at Laukontori is aiming to bring the feel of the Nordic nature to the city centre. Being situated by the water, sauna-goers will have a chance to dip into lake Pyhäjärvi all year round. A terrace will also stretch out above the dock to allow a full view of the Tampere lakeside, just a couple of steps from the central square.

    Photo: Tampereen Palvelukiinteistöt Oy


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