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    New Intercultural Toolkit supporting companies and workplaces to become agile in diverse environments

    Nowadays companies need to live up to the developments of the global economy and employers should aim to adjust to tendencies in order to stay competitive and attractive.One of the most evident changes is constantly diversifying workforce in companies, business partner networks and workplaces.

    Companies need support to thrive

    It’s a reality that Finnish companies are involved in the internationalization process. Through surveys, employer counseling and consultations with Finnish diversity experts, the Chamber’s COME project (Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises) has identified a need for working community related assistance and support in intercultural matters.

    As a response, the Intercultural Toolkit addresses the main areas of interest related to interculturality at workplaces, such as general cultural understanding, communication issues and team work aspects.

    It’s evident that diversity is also a positive factor in the way that employees perceive employers.

    According to a survey carried out as part of the Successful Multicultural Company Campaign, 88 procent of the employee respondents consider companies with a diverse labor pool more attractive than an employer that does not yet have an intercultural workforce.

    Tools for companies to prosper in an intercultural working surrounding

    The Intercultural Toolkit compiles relevant information regarding legal and practical matters when hiring international workforce, as well as tools to amplify intercultural sensitivity and competence among the entire workforce, which will enable employers and their teams to be more confident to employ, manage and benefit from diversity.

    The toolkit is an easy-to-use digital platform that acts as a source of information containing practical, informative and approachable tools regarding intercultural matters in the workplace.

    The core aim is to increase cultural understanding for positive daily co-operation and make the workplace not only diverse, but inclusive.

    Through enhanced competences of individuals, teams and companies, the full potential of a diverse workforce can be unleashed for the benefit of the organization.

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