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    As the Tampere Ambassador Network is successfully growing, it is important to be aware of its practical margins.

    We have elaborated the following ethical guidelines, to guarantee the best possible individual and collective outcomes in our Network.



    • A Tampere Ambassador is internationally active and has connections abroad;
    • A Tampere Ambassador is a professional and active person who is willing to participate for the benefit of the Tampere Region and its internationalisation;
    • A Tampere Ambassador possesses a positive attitude towards the Tampere Region and wants to bring forward its positive features.


    • "Tampere Ambassador" as title or position shall not be used to falsely allege a diplomatic status, nor as a professional position at Business Tampere. Please remember this is a voluntary activity.
    • All the marketing materials for Tampere Ambassadors provided by Business Tampere are not to be used to serve any political, religious or discriminatory goals;
    • The materials provided by Business Tampere for Tampere Ambassadors should not be used to create a negative image about the Tampere Region


    • A Tampere Ambassador shall find out correct information regarding the Tampere Region, its regional brand and Business Tampere itself. Critical discussions are also welcome if they are based on correct information, but not if they are merely based on rumors or sensationalist sources. In any case, Business Tampere members are happy to answer any question or enquiry that may arise.

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