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    Music is an astonishing power

    The Finnish summer is showing us the best she has to offer so singer/songwriter Laura Moisio suggests that we do our interview for the Tampere – All Bright! Magazine outdoors. We therefore enjoy the sunshine while chatting about life, music and also a little about Midsummer.

    Tampere Region Festivals ry has appointed Laura Moisio as the first Tampere Region Local Artist. The title is given to a topical and attractive artist for one year at a time, and Moisio fills the description to the teeth. Her first full album Spiraali was launched in early 2014, and has been critically acclaimed. The word on the street is that live audiences have also taken to Moisio's music. The title of Local Artist has filled Moisio's calendar with even more performances, including several festival gigs within the Tampere Region.

    "This summer I will be performing at least at the Worker's Music Festival in Valkeakoski and also at the Tapsan Tahdit event in Nokia. They are both great events," says Moisio.

    Her performance at the final club of Annikki Poetry Festival is still fresh in her mind. Besides giving her own club gig, Moisio had the time to enjoy the rest of the event, which took place at the atmospheric and lovingly restored old wooden quarter of Annikinkatu in Tampere.

    "It really is a wonderful location! I was very impressed with the programme and really enjoyed the way the audience responded to the event," Moisio says.

    Music and work, family and friends - these are the most important things is singer/songwriter Laura Moisio's life at the moment. In the middle of the summer, it's great to get to spend a moment out in the sunshine.

    Moisio was fairly young when she found the musician within herself, and now singing and music are a major part of her life. The idea of seriously pursuing a career in music has been growing clearer for the past four years. Inspiring colleagues and encouraging teachers have driven her in this direction, but when it really comes down to it, Moisio says you have to want it for yourself.

    "I write my songs for myself, but it is always great to notice that they also provoke emotions and thoughts in others. Music is an astonishing power, you can really touch people with it," she says.

    When it comes to music, Moisio has big plans, goals and hopes, but she is reluctant to look too much into the future. She has figured out what her thing is, and no matter what the outcome is, there is enough practising and developing in store for the rest of her life.

    "What's important now is that I do everything to the best of my ability and at full steam," she says.

    Moisio thinks that Tampere is an excellent place for a songwriter. The atmosphere here is encouraging and the musical scene is diverse and lively. And, once again, she credits the size of the city.

    "Tampere is a small enough place for all the people in the music industry to know each other and be familiar with each other in a good way," she commends.

    How about Midsummer? Moisio feels that ideally Midsummer should be spent in nice weather and good company - and even if the weather is not that great, good company guarantees a nice Midsummer. On Midsummer Day, she will perform at the Valtteri Festival, which will enliven the Tampere City Midsummer for two days.  Moisio's music can be explored at her website.

    Learn more about Laura on
    Laura Moisio's channel on Youtube


    Translation: Lingoneer

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