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    MeshWorks Wireless knows cold chains

    MeshWorks Wireless Oy, a company from Tampere, Finland, is a pioneer in IoT. It started its work on wireless sensor networks a decade ago. Now the company is seeking growth around the world with the help of the international experts of Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network.

    If you look back at the story of MeshWorks Wireless, you will meet Nokia soon. When MeshWorks Wireless Oy started in summer 2007, its CEO Marko Kyrölä had worked at Nokia for 10 years.

    The company is a pioneer in wireless sensor network technologies. It started to develop its own IoT solutions before the concept itself became a point of discussion.

    “Digitalisation has been our goal from the start. It has arrived somewhat more slowly than I could predict at the time, but now it is already looking good,” Kyrölä says.

    Seemoto is one of the brands of MeshWorks Wireless. It is a wireless system for the monitoring and quality assurance of storage of temperature-sensitive goods and conditions within a cold chain. The system is used by hospitals, pharmacies, wholesale outlets, transport companies, etc. (Image by MeshWorks Wireless)

    The cold chain of food and pharmaceuticals has gradually become the very own trade of MeshWorks Wireless, although sensors developed by the company can be used for many kinds of measurements. They have been used, for instance, for the monitoring of electric cars and indoor climate as well as the construction of smart roofs.

    “We are increasingly focusing on cold chain management, which also appears to provide good opportunities in foreign markets,” says Sales Manager Petteri Ruotsalainen.

    The Seemoto cold chain system by MeshWorks Wireless is now being used in ten countries. The focus of sales has been in Europe, but the company is interested in South America, and the system already has an active retailer in Peru. In January, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea announced an internationalisation contest where the winner would get an expert group to help them enter Latin American markets. Kyrölä and Ruotsalainen did not hesitate to participate – this was a good chance for the company to expand its operations in Peru.

    “If we want to grow, we have to head abroad in any case. The Finnish market is inevitably small,” Ruotsalainen says.

    “The industrial Internet will alter the world radically and at an increasing rate,” CEO Marko Kyrölä and Sales Manager Petteri Ruotsalainen at MeshWorks Wireless Oy say.

    Ideas were turned into action, MeshWorks Wireless participated in and won the contest, and was rewarded with the opportunity to start its internationalisation process. The experts were found in the Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network and via its contacts. So the company was able to utilise the knowledge of international experts residing in its own region – the knowledge of markets and cultures of the target countries.

    “From our point of view, the process was smooth and efficient: we performed some background work, answered some questions and attended a few meetings,” Ruotsalainen says.

    The process has given the company tips, recommendations and contacts, as well as an understanding of the countries with the best preconditions for export, such as sufficiently developed healthcare markets and requirements.

    The internationalisation contest was organised by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and the Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador Network. The work of the winners and the expert group was guided by Tredea’s TreStart project team.

    Know-how in cold chains offers good opportunities for growth around the world. The temperature is often a critical factor in the transportation and storage of goods in both healthcare and the food industry, and this is reflected in the increase of demands of authorities and good practices. The cold chain must not be broken, and its continuity must be verifiable.

    “We already have clients who must keep their temperature records for many years. Therefore data must be collected automatically and efficiently from the viewpoint of the client’s process and needs,” Kyrölä says.

    “Furthermore, refrigerated transport services are a harsh environment for equipment, for which reason our equipment is compact, lightweight, waterproof and durable – we stand out from others thanks to the well-thought-out properties of our equipment and system,” Ruotsalainen stated.

    Watch a video about how a cold chain system works:

    Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador network

    “Members of our network utilise their professional networking skills to make it possible to find new contacts from around the world. Even a single new contact or suggestion can advance the internationalisation of a company. The Ambassador network promotes Tampere internationally but also helps companies in the region to network beyond the borders of Finland.”

    Mari Taverne, Network Manager, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea

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