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    Mayor of Tampere to endorse Tampere – All Bright! Ambassadors!

    The mayor of the city of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, sees Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador network as a vital part of the international marketing of Tampere Region.

    Tampere - All Bright! Ambasssador network consists of internationally connected Tampere Region recidents, with both Finnish and foreign backgrounds, that share the brightness of the region to their connections worldwide. Studies show that personal recommendation is the most efficient form of marketing, thus, the ambassador network has the potential to expodentially multiply the positive message of Tampere that we send out.

    "The economic and business environment of the Tampere Region lean on international cooperation and global connections. Those are vital parts of building an attractive Tampere Region of the future. The Tampere - All Bright! Ambassadors share the Tampere message in their international networks which, in the long run, helps us attract more businesses, investments, talents and travellers to the Region. As the mayor of the city of Tampere I want to endorse the ambassadors work in making the Tampere Region known worldwide", says the mayor of the city of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

    The building of the Tampere - All Bright! Ambassador Network started in 2015 and today it holds already 45 active ambassadors.

    "'The need for the network started from the fact that Tampere is not very well known internationally. The growing economic environment of Tampere Region requires strong internationalization and the key to this is in the personal networks of the people in the Region. The model of the network was borrowed from the cooperation network of big Scandinavian cities called Talent Attraction Management", says Network Manager Mari Taverne, from Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea.

    In the future the goal is to get more Tampere Region originated people living abroad to join the network. Also people that studied in Tampere but have since moved away are all potential ambassadors.The network is coordinated by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea.

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    More information:
    Mari Taverne

    Network Manager
    Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea
    puh. 040 801 2686

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