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    Making Finland the Best Place to find Happy Workers – HappyOrNot in Vincit

    Listed as one of the Great Places to Work in Europe, Finland-based software company Vincit uses the Finnish HappyOrNot service to enhance its employee satisfaction


    HappyOrNot at Vincit


    Founded in 2007, Vincit has established the ideal of “Coming in to work on Monday shouldn’t suck.” Their aim is always to have happier employees and customers than on the previous day.

    And has investing in occupational well-being has paid off for Vincit? Absolutely! They have twice been selected as the best workplace in Finland by Great Place to Work, and continue to grow profitably. And how have they been able to continuously develop their employee satisfaction in order to stay the best? With HappyOrNot! They have been using the globally recognized and trusted HappyOrNot service – already running in over 50 countries worldwide – in their workplace since last year.

    Heikki Väänänen, CEO of HappyOrNot, explains the idea of using smiley faces not only to develop customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction as well:

    “In my previous job at a global corporation, I longed for the possibility to communicate my daily workplace feelings to upper management. But there was no such way to do it comfortably. And so HappyOrNot is the easy and anonymous way for employees to express themselves and enable companies to collect and act upon the feedback given, showing the employees that their satisfaction is truly cared about.”

    Mikko Kuitunen, CEO of Vincit, gives an example case of their use of HappyOrNot to this effect:

    “A couple of months ago, we noticed that the satisfaction results were decreasing, so we held discussions with our staff to determine the potential issues. We identified that there were challenges with time management and that more support was needed in project work. We then arranged time management training and took steps to improve cross-departmental communication, and following these actions we saw that theHappyOrNot results improved significantly – over 10 % in just two months!”

    HappyOrNot is providing its service for more than one hundred global Human Resource management pioneer companies, helping them to improve their employees’ satisfaction, such as, for example, DHL, Dixons Carphone, LinkedIn, Rovio, and Nestlé – all in which their employees can now give direct feedback to management by simply pushing a smiley face at the end of their work day. Results show that Vincit has quite possibly the most satisfied employees in the world – 93% of their staff are satisfied with their days at work.

    Heikki Väänänen expresses that the service is beneficial for all workplace environments: 

    “Whether it’s on the shop floor, in the cafeteria, an office department, or a meeting room, companies that use our 4 Smileys can improve their employees’ satisfaction. We want to make it easy for all employees to make their voices heard, every single day. And be the answers to “How was your workday today?” good, or bad, managers will surely know.”


    About Vincit
    Established in 2007 and named the best workplace in Finland in 2015, Vincit is a software company which currently employs 140 experts. The company’s main business is custom software development services. High quality is guaranteed by Vincit offers for their products one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

    About HappyOrNot
    HappyOrNot® helps its clients to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer satisfaction levels. We serve such sectors as retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, HoReCa, financial services, automotive, and public and governmental services. The HappyOrNot service has received several awards and recognition by major medias such as Daily Finance and USA Today, and featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg International and U.S., and CNBC. HappyOrNot is currently being used by over 1,000 retail and service chain organizations across 50 countries. To learn more, visit

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    For more info, contact:

    Mikko Kuitunen, CEO
    tel. 040 589 8316

    Heikki Väänänen, CEO
    tel. +358 45 652 3668

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