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    Housing Services

    The Tampere city region is the second fastest growing area in Finland and therefore very attractive place to live in for all kinds of people. This also means that the cost of accommodation is fairly high, although not as high as in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

    There is a wide variety of housing options from both public and private markets. Rental apartments near the city center are more expensive than in the city districts further out. Tampere has good public transportation with an extensive bus network and a tram being built. So, when searching for a flat, consider your living requirements, budget and transportation options.

    This page contains basic information about housing services in Tampere. We have collected the list of service providers to help you find right service for your need. To get a more detailed picture, visit the InfoFInland website.


    Housing guide for immigrants provides rental housing tips & general information related to comfortable housing and the maintenance of your home. The guide is also published in Russian, French, Somali, Arabic and Kurdish.

    City of Tampere provides a housing advisory service for immigrants, who are new to the municipality. The housing advisor works as part of the early-stage services for immigrants at the Sarvis Social Office (address: Hatanpäänkatu 3J, tel. 040 806 2771).

    If you encounter housing related problems such as problems with your rental apartment or conflicts with neighbours, or simply you do not know what to do in everyday housing matters, check the Infopankki housing problems FAQ.

    As an occupant in Finland, you have certain rights and obligations such as the housing rules. Check a detailed list on InfoFinland website.

    The InfoFinland website provides an excellent source of general information about renting an apartment, such as information on deposits, making rental agreements and how to find a flat. Infopankki also provides information about student housing.

    The Housing Market Place Asuntotori (located in Puutarhakatu 8) is a great way to find out about rental and right-of-occupancy properties in Tampere. You will also find information about housing for students and the elderly. If you are a student, you can submit an application for student housing.

    Several organisations offer rental apartments in the Tampere area. To find and apply for a flat, visit the each organisations’ website to submit an application:

    VTS-kodit (site in Finnish)
    The biggest landlord in Tampere area, owning about 9,000 apartments in over 170 properties.

    TVA is a reliable local landlord with about 3,000 rental apartments.

    The Lumo webstore lets you rent an apartment immediately online. The tenancy agreement is confirmed by paying the first month’s rent.

    YH Kodit (site in Finnish)
    YH Kodit provides rental apartments, right-of-occupancy housing and owner-occupied housing.

    M2 offers affordable state subsidised (ARA) rental apartments.

    Kotilinna (site in Finnish)
    Kotilinna Foundation offers affordable rental housing for the elderly.

    Pirkan Opiskelija-asunnot, POAS, rents flats to students at the schools in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region, as well as to working people under 30 years of age.

    Tampere Student Housing Foundation, TOAS, has about 6,000 student flats around Tampere.
    Real estate portal for both businesses and private individuals.

    Real estate portal for both businesses and private individuals.

    Forenom provides furnished apartments.

    Vuokra-asunnot Tampere
    Facebook group for rental apartments and rooms.

    Living in your own apartment or property is very popular in Finland and home ownership is perfectly viable option for non-Finns as well. The prices of privately owned homes are still reasonable, especially if you are ready to live a bit further out from the busiest city center.

    Many real estate agents who sell housing can be found online. For example, is one of the most popular real estate searches in Finland. You can contact the real estate agent or broker directly to ask for more information. In Finland, agents and brokers are required to provide you with all relevant information related to the deal.

    Buying your own place is generally a major investment. Banks and other financing institutions grant loans to private individuals for purchasing apartments or properties. If you are interested in purchasing an apartment or a property using a loan, always first contact your bank.

    Kotitori is a service and guidance point for the elderly, which provides information on various types of housing intended for senior citizens.

    Contact details:


    Tel. 03 5656 5700, Monday – Friday 8.30 – 16.30
    Frenckellinaukio 2 B
    Postal address P.O. box 487
    33101 Tampere
    opening hours Monday to Friday 8.30 – 15.45

    The housing units in senior houses have been designed for elderly people who can take care of their everyday life without outside help or with minor support. The dwellings are rental or owner-occupied housing units that are primarily intended for healthy people over 55 or 60 years of age.

    Service homes provide suitable housing and necessary services for those who are no longer capable of living in their own homes but do not yet require the services of a nursing home or hospital care. Detailed information about the included services can be found on city of Tampere website (in Finnish).

    The Emergency Youth Shelters maintained by the Finnish Red Cross are intended for young people under 19 years of age and their families. You can also stay overnight, if necessary. The services of the Youth Shelters are free of charge.

    Depending on your income, you may be entitled for a housing allowance that covers a part of your rent. You can apply for housing allowance from Kela. Many Kela benefits can also be applied for online.

    Contact information for the local offices can be found on Kela’s website.

    In Finland, sorting and recycling waste is very common and even mandatory. Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto provides a free household waste guide to get you started.

    Sort all waste generated by your household, such as organic waste, glass, metal, cardboard and paper, and take it to your building’s waste containers or waste collection points. Do not throw solid waste, litter or food scraps into the toilet bowl or drain.

    Also, check out waste management tips from Ekokumppanit.

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