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    Activities in Tampere

    It’s easy to find something to do in Tampere all year round. A good variety of nature, culture, history, great food and sports keep visitors and locals busy.

    The Visit Tampere website is a great source of information on what is happening in Tampere right now. Social media is also a good source for finding activities and events in Tampere. We recommend you to follow the Tampere Foreigners Facebook page for up to date info on events and other cool stuff. Just click here to enter the Facebook page.

    Visit Tampere - your gateway to activities and entertainment in Tampere

    The list we have gathered is definitely not a complete list of all the local activities - but merely a glimpse into Tampere. In order to stay updated with the latest and coolest happenings and activities in the Tampere region, follow Visit Tampere in their different medias. Click here and have a look yourself: Visit Tampere website

    We gathered some of the best Tampere attractions below.


    Tampere is characterized by its unique location between two beautiful major lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. The city is surrounded by beautiful nature and lush recreational parks such as the Pyynikinharju ridge and the Hatanpää arboretum are only minutes away from the bustling city center.

    The iconic, 124 metre tall Näsinneula Observation Tower, standing right next to the Särkänniemi Amusement Park, is one of the best places to soak in the incredible sceneries that Tampere has to offer.

    To experience the outdoors, you could take a lake cruise or go hiking, for example. You do not have to pack a full trekking gear as several urban nature locations are easily reachable using public transportation and perfect for a relaxed afternoon visit.

    During winter, the beautiful outdoors turn into snow white exercise and sports arenas. You can go skating or skiing on the frozen lake, go snowshoeing or play hockey in the many ice rinks in the city. See this article on seasonal activities.

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    Tampere is the main city of culture and entertainment in Finland. With festivals focusing in popular music in all genres, dance, theatre, food and drink, just to name a few, Tampere really caters entertainment for every taste. With extensive year-round concert offering, Tampere feels like heaven for music lovers.

    You can experience the Tampere Museums, including the world’s only Moomin Museum in Tampere Hall. Remember to check out what Tampere Hall has on their programme.

    Are you into movies and cinema? Simply step into one of the city’s movie theatres and enjoy the latest blockbusters as well as curated favorites, shown in their original language without dubbing. Tampere even has its own film festival and invites film producers to shoot their new productions in Tampere. Click here to learn more about Tampere’s film locations and production possibilities. There’s also plenty of options for live theatre, as Tampere is the theatre capital of Finland.

    If you are looking for great food and a fun night out, check out the some the best places to eat and drink.

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    Tampere is a really good city for sports. There are numerous options for everyone. Kauppi sports park offers about 32 km of illuminated activity routes, fields for football and Finnish baseball, five tennis courts, a private bowling hall, a greyhound track and an archery field. In the wintertime, the activity paths turn into skiing routes. The latest addition to the offering is Kauppi Sports Center for sports and wellness enthusiasts. Train in the gym, play ball games with friends or try jumping in the trampoline park. Click here to learn more about Kauppi.

    Click here and see the various beaches in Tampere area or have a look at the indoor swimming pools.

    Tampere Stadium primarily hosts football matches. Inside the building there are facilities for wrestling, team gymnastics and other indoor exercise, as well as a fitness room, a cafeteria and meeting rooms. Facilities are open for all, except during special events. Click here for more info about the stadium.

    Nääshalli (site in Finnish) is a fitness center/gym in Näsijärvenkatu 8.

    City of Tampere organizes various forms of instructed exercise like water exercise, nordic walking, stretching and much more. The full list is available here.

    Sports clubs and individual people can make both occasional and regular reservations for training in the city of Tampere website. You can make reservations for practice time in the city’s schools and their exercise facilities. Full list available through this link. 

    You can also do climbing in Tampere. Local climbing gym, Tampereen Kiipeilykeskus is located one mile from the city centre in Mäntyhaantie within easy reach by foot, by bike or by bus (lines 12 and 31). They have another hall for bouldering in Lielahti. Have a look at the Tampereen Kiipeilykeskus climbing centre here.

    Once you’re done with your exercise, why not enjoy a hot sauna? After all, with numerous public saunas, Tampere is the Sauna Capital of the World!

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