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    Quality of life

    Photo: Touko Hujanen

    Finland ranks among the three safest countries in the world and first in quality of living.

    Finland is one of the safest countries in the world with exeptional education level, good housing conditions, high quality of living environment and strong sence of community. In addition, the government has a social responsibility to take care of its citizens and provide comprehensive public services. OECD Better Life Index shows that Finland performs well in many measures of well-being and happiness.

    In Finnish working culture diligence, individuality and initiative are highly valued, together with strict observance of agreements and agreed schedules. Organisational hierarchies are low and the use of person's first name is common. Regular working hours are forty hours per week, five days a week normally from 8 to 4 or 9 to 5.

    Tampere is surveyed to be the most desired place to live in Finland.

    If you are reading this you may very well be thinking about moving to the Tampere Region. You are not alone as studies show that you would be moving to the most desirable place to live in Finland. Every third Finn chooses Tampere when asked where they would rather move in Finland.

    Tampere is one of the least congested cities in the world.

    With 225 thousand people Tampere city area is still relatively compact and the housing is affordable even in near the city centre. Schools, workplaces and services are therefore usually close to home and there are no big city pollution or traffic problems.

    In Tampere you can pop in to small craft stores and multinational chain stores on the same stroll or sit down at one of the restaurants serving local produce. It doesn't end there, though. While your business is booming here you can relax by taking just a few steps from the city centre to enjoy striking lake scenery and wild natural forrests.

    Distances are short and possibilities with different kind of housing are unlimited.

    One of the beauties of Tampere is its variety. You can find homes according to your taste: Next to the lakeside, in the city centre or terraced houses with forrest views. Houses and apartments in Finland are of high quality, well heated in winter, and have all modern conveniences.

    In addition to Tampere, the Tampere City Region includes seven neighbouring municipalities: Kangasala, LempääläNokia (site in Fin)OrivesiPirkkalaVesilahti (site in Fin) and Ylöjärvi. It’s common to have a home in one these municipalities and go to work in Tampere, or vice versa.

    Want to find out more about living in Finland and in Tampere region? Take a look at our Talent Tampere site.

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