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    Finland – the place for advanced IT

    Finland has much to offer for international investors and companies in the ICT sector, including first-rate availability of talented and qualified ICT engineers, and easy access to public R&D funding and development networks. Finland is a trusted data center location with the best digital infra according to the Networked Readiness Index by WEF.

    Finland has developed a very strong mobile cluster driven by Nokia and Ericsson. Other growing ICT clusters in Finland include game developing, digitalization, Internet of Things (IOT) and the wearables cluster.

    Finland tops in human capital in the European Commission's Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). The human capital rate indicates the breadth and depth of a country's talent pool – ranging from those who handle IT's daily basics, to the advanced skillsets economies depend on for digital growth.

    Finland took the top spot with a score of 0.78, followed by Sweden (0.75), and Denmark (0.73) to complete a Nordic top three. The three nations scored at the same level for basic skills, but Finland led outright in advanced IT.

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