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    Finland facts

    You can trust us!

    We take pride in being a bit quirky, and prefer actions to words. We say what we do and do what we say. That’s why Finland is the most functional country in the world, and the Finnish handshake the most reliable. Why not give it a try?

    Here are some facts about Finland you might be interested as an investor:

    • #1 in Property rights and IPR protection.
    • The Transparency International has consistently ranked Finland amongst the three least corrupt countries in the world.
    • The most stable country in the world according to Fragile States Index 2015.
    • The lowest corporate tax in the Nordics.
    • Gross domestic product per capita is around EUR 37,500 (2014) and fourth biggest of all EU countries.
    • Finland ranks among the ten best OECD countries in terms of people who have completed tertiary education.
    • According to the World Economic Forum, Finland is the fourth most competitive country in the world (2014).

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