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Tampere Region facts and figures

Tampere is the most attractive and among the fastest growing regions in Finland. Around two-thirds of Finland’s economic activity is concentrated within a two-hour drive from Tampere. In Finnish popularity polls, Tampere shines out as the most attractive city!

Tampere in figures

Population & growth:

  • Tampere Region has a population of 505,000 which makes it second largest region in Finland just after Helsinki capital region.
  • Population of Tampere is estimated to grow with 90,000 inhabitants by 2030.
  • City of Tampere will invest over 6 billion euro in the development of the city by 2030.
  • Tampere and Tampere Region is applying as the European Capital of Culture 2026.

Business environment:

  • 31,000 places of business.
  • Tampere Region has the largest concentration of mobile machinery in Europe.
  • Tampere is the 6th largest urban area and the largest inland city in the Nordic Countries.
  • For companies the key reasons to operate in Tampere Region are good availability of employees, central location and the close connections to universities.

Research & development:

  • Tampere is known for education, research and technology.
  • At Tampere University, research on technology, health and society come together.
  • Up to 15% of Finland’s national R&D budget is spent in the Tampere Region.
  • Finland is #1 in the world for IPR according to The World Economic Forum (WEF), Global Competitiveness Report 2014–2015.
  • Finland, and  Tampere in particular, is known of its strong university-industry collaboration.


  • Every 6th person in Tampere is a student.
  • There are 36,000 university students and more than 34,000 vocational college or adult students.
  •  Every 6th student in Tampere University of Technology is international.
  • Tampere has been voted for the most student-friendly city in Finland.


  • The local Tampere-Pirkkala airport is the second busiest international airport in Finland.
  • Helsinki is only 1,5 hour drive away.
  • The large Finnish ports on the Gulf of Botnia are even closer.
  • Tampere is a logistical gateway to the East, with St. Petersburg just 400 kilometers away.


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