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    City of Development

    The new skyline is growing fast in the very heart of the city. Around Tampere railway station, you can put your finger on the dynamic pulse of business.

    The planned Station Center with a central deck and an arena will create a spectacular silhouette as the buildings cover the existing railway tracks. The constructions of the first part starts in spring 2017.

    Copyright: Studio Daniel Libeskind

    Over 15,000 new jobs in the city center by 2030

    Four new districts in the city center and infrastructure for its current and new citizens. City of Tampere will invest over 6 billion euro in the development of the city by 2030.


    +7–15% return on invested capital

    Building in Tampere has given greater returns than in other major cities in the Nordic Countries.


    Acting bright

    As the city becomes busier, we are making sure we build smart. Trams, underground parking, tunnels and other logistical structures enable an energetic urban experience.

    Tampere is an innovation platform for companies that develop smart city technology, products and service solutions, e.g. intelligent transport systems and future housing.

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