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    A unique combination of research, business and health services

    Tampere is globally important location for R&D&I combining medicine, biology and technology. Kauppi Campus consists of Institute of Biomedical Technology, School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, the biotechnology hub Finn-Medi and Tampere University Hospital. In coming years, Kauppi Campus will have 10000 health professionals, 5000-10000 customers and 10000 students.

    Over 500 life science researchers in Tampere

    Coxa, located in Tampere, is the largest hospital in the Nordic countries and one of the leading ones in Europe to specialise in joint replacement operations.
    Coxa is the largest hospital in the Nordic countries and one of the leading ones in Europe to specialise in joint replacement operations. Photo: Opa Latvala

    TAYS Research, Development and Innovation center deploys innovation in the development of the Finnish healthcare technology and biotechnology industry on a local, national, and international level. FinnMedi produces expert services for the development of the health technology and biotechnology sectors in the following spearhead areas: medicines and vaccines, biomaterials and tissue engineering, implants, medical devices and systems and also health and well-being services.

    TAYS Research, Development and Innovation center co-ordinated projects and programmes:

    • HealthBIO Centre of Expertise Programme
    • Health and Well-being Centre of Expertise Programme
    • ECRIN – European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network
    • Finntrials- Finnish University Hospital Network
    • Finnpedmed – Finnish University Hospital Networ
    • Receptor – International marketing of Life Science expertise Project

    Go to TAYS Research, Development and Innovation center (site in Fin) to read more about the life science development in the Tampere Region.

    Human Spare Parts is a research program hosted by BioMediTech Research Institute, which in turn is run by the University of Tampere, Finland, and the Tampere University of Technology, Finland.

    The Human Spare Parts program began in 2011, although joint research activities in the area of regenerative medicine and supporting technologies have been ongoing prior to this for several years. The goal is to study and develop stem cell based solutions for tissue defects, and find new treatments for bone, neural, retinal and cardiac diseases and traumas. With over 25 treated patients and the largest bone deficiency treatments in the world, human spare parts is the forerunners in stem cell research.

    The human spare parts program contains high level stem cell research and multiple engineering disciplines under the same roof. The reseach group has several years of experience in mutual collaboration in order to develop novel innovations for the field of regenerative medicine. This extensive know-how in regenerative medicine and research infrastructure ranging from human stem cells through biomaterials to micro-environments and imaging can also be utilized by the companies and other research groups.

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