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    Intelligent machines and manufacturing industry

    Intelligent machines is one of the industries in the Tampere Region that benefits from the strong ICT cluster. Tampere Region is a home for 10 globally operating world market leaders in their own market segment. Companies like Kalmar, Sandvik and AGCO Power have seen the opportunities in the region.

    From over 100 years of manufacturing heritage to strong high-tech engineering

    Tampere region is the center of the Finnish manufacturing industry. The industrial history of the city goes back more than a hundred years to the first paper mill by the Tammerkoski rapids in the centre of Tampere. In larger scale the industrialization of the city began when the old Finlayson factory area was built in the early 1820's.

    Today the manufacturing industry in the region is known from the strong high-tech engineering such as high level of expertise in biomaterials, laser, and semiconducting technologies.

    The manufacturing industry turnover in the region in 2014 was total of 10 billion €. The industry employed 42 500 professionals and the value of the export was 5 billion €. Many global leaders in manufacturing industry have chosen Tampere; such as Sandvik, Kalmar (Cargotec), Valmet, Metso, Fastems, John Deere, Bronto Skylift and AGCO Power as well as medium sized local companies such as Avant Tecno, Insta, Koja, Ata Gears and Tasowheel.

    The region is also significant center of research and development in manufacturing industry.

    Tampere University of Technology is ranked 11th in the world for private sector and research collaboration. Companies pursuing research collaborations with Tampere University of Technology tap into the latest knowledge, know-how and innovations.

    SMACC, Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre, skills cluster offers high-quality research expertise with a one-stop-shop approach. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology have come together to form Finland’s leading production, manufacturing and materials technology research alliance that generates wide-ranging knowhow and offers an extensive network to benefit SMEs in particular.

    Demola is an innovation platform with an international profile, where cross-disciplinary teams of students come together to create real life demos in response to the genuine challenges companies face.

    TAUCHI – the Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction is a research centre specialising in human-technology interaction. They offer support to private sector companies wishing to apply the latest research findings in their product development process and their work has resulted in rigorously tested and user-friendly multi-sensory user interface prototypes.

    The OpenLab at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers a flexible setting for product development projects. Their areas of specialism include intelligent machines, operator supporting functions and machinery data management and transfer.

    Tampere has the world’s biggest harbor *

    * Kalmar (Cargotec) has the biggest inland port automation technology and competence center located in Tampere with a massive harbor infrastructure in place

    Tampere Region has over 100 years of manufacturing heritage.
    Photo: Opa Latvala

    Companies have globalized but Tampere has been able to keep its focal position inside of these global companies, and knowledge has been shared through joint projects or people moving from one company to another.

    Tampere is also central to Nokias’s mobile technology development, and machine builders have been able to enjoy the knowledge this has created in the region. This wouldn’t have been possible without the research and education input from the local universities. And today, knowledge sharing and innovation also takes place in platforms like New Factory.

    Machine-building industry in Finland has a twist of high-tech machinery, ICT and unconventional solutions to conventional problems

    The know-how in the machine-building industry in the Tampere region includes cargo handling, lifting systems, mining technology, offshore technology, cleantech industry, energy industry, forest machine industry and wide business base in subcontracting.

    Finland has a strong history in cargo handling and lifting system technology. Companies like Cargotec (includes Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor cargo handling systems) and Kone (elevator and escalator industry) are globally known and have a significant share of global markets in their own industry sector.


    Companies in the Tampere region:

    Avant Tecno – the market leader in loaders with operating weight under 2000 kg

    • Loaders (under 2000 kg)
    • Employees 190
    • Turnover 81 million euros


    Bronto Skylift – the global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms

    • Truck mounted hydraulic platforms
    • Employees 390
    • Turnover 94 million euros


    Kalmar (Cargotec) – the global industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling

    • Cargo handling systems for ports and terminals
    • Employees 570 (Cargotec Finland)
    • Turnover 1124 million euros (Cargotec Finland)


    TTS Liftec

    • Cargo handling systems for ports and terminals
    • Employees 40
    • Turnover 11 million euros



    • Glass for use in architectural, solar, appliance and automotive applications
    • Employees 132
    • Turnover 63 million euros

    Finnish mining technology companies Sandvik Mining and Metso Mining, both located in Tampere, have decades of experience in mining with hundreds of implementations globally. Companies offer globally very wide range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition and bulk-materials handling.

    Companies in the Tampere Region:


    • Offers equipment, services and process knowledge for the whole value chain of mining, from the mine to the finished products of mineral concentrates or mineral pellets
    • Employees 16 000
    • Turnover 3658 million euros



    • Equipment for rock drilling, cutting and crushing, loading and hauling and materials handling
    • Employees 1750
    • Turnover 577 million euros

    Robit Rocktools

    • Manufacturer of top hammer products for rock drilling and casing systems for ground drilling
    • Employees 64
    • Turnover 32 million euros

    Harsh climate and a lack of fossil fuel resources has forced Finnish industry to minimise energy consumption and to innovate. Finnish energy and cleantech companies (for example Valmet) offer innovative solutions for a vast range of fuels for energy production. The strong offering includes for example fluidized bed boilers, gasifiers, power plants, integrated pyrolysis, equipment for environmental protection, as well as wide selection of life cycle services and automation solutions. These companies have solutions to some of our planet’s most burning problems.

    Vexve delivers the highest possible energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and leading global companies like Valmet developing and supplying of technologies, automation and services for the energy industry.

    Finland #2 WWF Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014


    Companies in the Tampere Region:


    • Development and manufacturing of water cooling systems for power electronics
    • Employees 7
    • Turnover 849 000 euros



    • Develops, supplies and maintains systems, equipment and services for the rail transport infrastructure
    • Employees 269
    • Turnover 58,5 million euros


    Andritz Hydro

    • Supplier of electro-mechanical systems and services for hydropower plants and a leading supplier for hydraulic power generation
    • Employees 49
    • Turnover 11 million euros



    • Manufacturer and supplier of electronic measuring technology
    • Employees 55
    • Turnover 11 million euros



    • Leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries
    • Employees 877
    • Turnover 279 million euros

    One of specialities in Finninsh machine-building industry is the strong know-how to design and build forest machines for the cut-to-length method. Companies Ponsse and John Deere design, test and assemble high-tech machines that have strong innovations. Some of the innovations (for example in user experience) have first time used in forest machines and adopted after that to other mobile machines.


    Companies in the Tampere Region:

    John Deere Forestry

    • Forest machines for the cut-to-length method, forestry equipment
    • Employees 650
    • Turnover 336 million euros



    • Forest machines for the cut-to-length method, forestry equipment
    • Employees 670
    • Turnover 300 million euros

    Agco Power

    • Diesel Engines
    • Employees 850
    • Turnover 266 million euros


    Bosch Rexroth

    • Mobile Applications, machinery applications and engineering, factory automation
    • Employees 110
    • Turnover 65 million euros



    • Products in hydraulics, electronic control technology, solenoid technology and control sensors, fluid sensors/condition monitoring and fluid control products.
    • Employees 55
    • Turnover 16 million euros


    Parker Hannifin / Parker Hannifin Manufacturing

    • Engineered solutions for mobile, industrial and aerospace markets
    • Employees 460
    • Turnover 128 million euros
    • Has European R&D unit for hydraulics in Tampere


    PMC Polarteknik

    • Hydraulic assemblies, system solutions and pneumatics both in industrial and mobile systems and marine and energy applications
    • Employees 250
    • Turnover 61 million euros

    Agco Power

    • Diesel generators and –pumps
    • Employees 850
    • Turnover 266 million euros



    • Hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors
    • Employees 65
    • Turnover 14 million


    Gardner Denver

    • Industrial compressors
    • Employees 190
    • Turnover 55 million euros


    Tamturbo (Startup)

    • Oil-free air turbo compressor
    • Employees 12
    • Turnover 0

    Ata Gears

    • Design and production of customised spiral bevel gears
    • Employees 230
    • Turnover 53 million euros



    • Production of gearwheels, gear blanks, machining of gear housings, assembling
    • Employees 180
    • Turnover 21 million euros


    Tasowheel Gears

    • Gears, components for drive and system technology and assebling
    • Employees 60
    • Turnover 2014 10 million euros

    Fastems – the leading independent manufacturer of factory automation systems

    • Machinery automation and robotics solutions
    • Employees 300
    • Turnover 52 million euros



    • Aluminium profiles
    • Employees 180
    • Turnover 73 million euros



    • Subcontract machining, machining palettes and fasteners, wear parts
    • Employees 40
    • Turnover 6 million euros



    • Hydraulic blocks and components
    • Employees 50
    • Turnover 6 million euros


    • Manufacturing of specialized machines for high-quality glass for use in architectural, solar, appliance and automotive applications
    • Technologies and services for the manufacturing of heat-treated glass
    • Employees 494
    • Turnover 123,4 million euros


    Insta Group

    • Supply and maintain defence, security, automation and information technologies for demanding environments
    • Employees 800
    • Turnover 100 million euros



    • Provider of defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions
    • Employees 325
    • Turnover 1243 million euros



    • Leader in the fields of network infrastructure and advanced technologies
    • Employees 1842
    • Turnover 3141 million euros
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