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    The cleantech sector in Tampere region has emerged from a broad network of companies. Local companies work in close cooperation with universities. For green technology companies, the region and especially the Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial park provide unique opportunities to test and develop new business models, technologies and services in a vibrant operating environment.

    Finnish energy and cleantech companies offer innovative solution for a vast range of fuels for energy production. The strong offering includes for example fluidized bed boilers, gasifiers, power plants, integrated pyrolysis, equipment for environmental protection, as well as wide selection of life cycle services and automation solutions. These companies have solutions to some of our planet’s most burning problems.

    According to the environmental performance index 2016, Finland is the greenest country in the world. The environmental performance index (EPI) is created by Yale and Columbia universities along with the World Economic Forum.The index ranks countries’ performance on environmental issues in two areas: protection of human health and protection of ecosystems. Finland's top position is based on country's commitment to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050 and measurable indicators of sustainable development.

    Already over 70% of the produced district heat in Tampere is from renewable resources.

    The Finnish Government has identified Tampere Region as a key region for the implementation of its cleantech strategy.
    Doranova biogas storage drones. Photo: Opa Latvala


    The Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park is an industrial park which will be built on land situated in three different municipalities. The area is being developed with a cleantech emphasis, which will be implemented primarily by maximising cooperation between individual businesses for the purposes of increasing material and energy efficiency, decreasing environmental burdens and developing common eco-friendly approaches through the sharing of energy resources and services. To find out more, please visit Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park website:

    Collaboration, material and energy efficiency, novel technologies and renewable sources of energy – all available at the new Kolmenkulma cleantech area.

    The Finnish Government has identified Tampere Region as a key region for the implementation of its cleantech strategy. Regionally, the Kolmenkulma cleantech zone has a central role in the implementation of this Strategy.

    The biggest woodchip plant in Finland is located in Hervanta, Tampere.

    Some of the companies operating in the region: Valmet, AGCO Power, Tamturbo, Wirepas, Trelab, Quva, Intopalo, Dekati, Pegasor, Koja, Metso, Insta, Doranova, Wavin-Labko, Alstom, Lumilab, Purso, Molok, Adwatec, Tammervoima, Andritz Hydro, Merus Power, MSc Electronics, AC2SG Software Oy, Labkotec


    • The original deep collection brand
    • Employees 44
    • Turnover 13 million euros


    • Development and manufacturing of water cooling stations
    • Employees 7
    • Turnover 849 000 euros


    • Tailored separator systems cover solutions for business and service construction
    • Employees 66
    • Turnover 15 million euros


    • Solutions on the areas of contaminated soils, water and waste management and renewable energy
    • Employees 11
    • Turnover 2,6 million euros


    • Manufacturer and supplier of electronic measuring technology
    • Employees 55
    • Turnover 11 million euros


    • Power plant technology and for instance chemical recovery solutions for pulp and paper mills
    • Employees 877
    • Turnover 279 million euros

    Andritz Hydro

    • Supplier of electro-mechanical systems and services for hydropower plants
    • Employees 49
    • Turnover 11 million euros


    • Develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the railway sector
    • Employees 269
    • Turnover 58,5 million euros

    More comprehensive and detailed information about companies that operate in the field of cleantech in the Tampere Region can be found on our website,

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